What happens when you put orange Porsche Cayenne wheels on a Vanagon? You’re looking at it. These wheels are 18×8 ET57’s off a Porsche Cayenne. Would you put orange wheels on your van? Click through for another shot.

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It seems to be a popular option to create a trailer out of an extra Vanagon. This one caught my eye as the wheels match the main van, and they took the front of the Vanagon and mounted it on the trailer. It looks pretty empty in there, but I’ll be it’s fantastic for camping. Nice job!

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The owner of this Vanagon likes red and white. Can you tell? He sprayed the entire dashboard white, including the air conditioning vents. Even the shifter and the door panels are white. He also apparently likes red velvet because that’s what the seats look like. I don’t if the cloth is actually velvet, but it has that look. This 1980 Vanagon Westy was listed on Craigslist for $18,000. What do you think? Is it worth it? Click through to see his rear bench seat.

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This Westy has several upgrades, but the custom pop top canvas was the first thing to catch my eye. It sure adds a different look to the Vanagon when camping. Click through to see their side tent!

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Two is always better than one right? Samba user vanagonforever was showing off his vinyl seats, but the his installation of two interior fans caught my eye. I have one of these fans that I can clip on just about anywhere (usually the rear view mirror), but two would definitely be better than one. Where do you mount your fan?


This 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Weekender is owned by Volker Weiss, a real estate pro on Maui. His van is powered by a Subaru engine and as you can see, it has many upgrades. How would you like to cruise around Maui in this beauty? Volker says he had some rust issues so his van is currently being re-worked and will get a brand new paint job. Click through to see a flood of pics of this Vanagon.

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The Joker was introduced in the late 1970’s. It featured either a pop top or a more interesting high top. The high top was considered aerodynamic with its low front leading to a higher rear. Unlike other high tops, the Joker came with a front front panoramic window. It looks a little funky now, but in 1978 it was awesome. I don’t see many Jokers these days, but click through for a couple of shots of a Syncro Joker.

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If you want to give your rear bed an interesting cover check out Wet Okole. Their covers are solid and provide interest to your interior. They also make very popular seat covers!


In case you are not using the space under your front seat for an extra battery, here is an idea for extra storage space. We have seen several other options before, including custom lock boxes sold by retailers. we keep several items under our front seats including a battery charger, sun shade, CDs, and even a book of menus from local restaurants. This Samba user created a drawer that slides out the front, and a rear-entry lock box. I want one!

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This is definitely not the first time we’ve seen a sun visor for the Vanagon, but I thought this van was interesting. The sun visor comes courtesy of a european company called BBT, and it is called an “Australian Sun Visor.” They offer various accessories for VW’s and the sun visor is one of their products. It gives the Vanagon a vintage look, but I’m not sure I’d have the guts to put one on my van.

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