Look at this yellow single cab beauty. Unlike yesterday’s dropped Vanagon that someone named “Shorty,” this single cab looks short in another way. Don’t the wheels look closer together than normal? Everything about this one is top notch. The rear bed’s side panels are short and look how nice the black is. It has a toolbox in the back, and a hidden V8 engine. Click through to see another pic of the engine.

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We missed this Vanagon in our “How low can you go” post a few months back, but here is a T25 Vanagon “shorty” I found on Pinterest. It has a very nice two tone paint job, and of course you’ve got to love those VW Bus hubcaps. But for the fact that this Vanagon is dropped, it looks almost completely stock. It doesn’t even have tinted windows.

If you look closely, one of the reasons it looks so clean is it doesn’t appear to have any rear seats.


It’s hard to believe this camper was made in 1980. It is, of course, a Vanagon camper. It is currently selling for $2900 on Craigslist. It comes complete with a sink, stove, fridge, ac, and toilet. Click through to see more pictures.

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The Vanagon is like a toy car in many respects. Many Vanagon owners do a lot of work themselves because it’s relatively easy to repair the Vanagon. Removing your dashboard however, is a very tricky task. It takes hours and hours even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some guy named Ben has created a little “how to” section to his website, complete with step by step photos. If you plan to remove your dash, do yourself a favor and check out this website. You won’t regret it!



This 1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia by Eric Rankin looks as good as new. In fact, it looks better than new. With a gorgeous paint job, custom wheels, and custom upholstery, this one is to die for.

Things done to this vanagon:

  • All chrome, (bumpers, window trim, etc.) painted black.
  • Two-tone paint. (1963 VW Turquoise and Snow White)
  • Custom Ronal 16”x8” “Joker” wheels painted Snow White.
  • VDO gauge cluster with tach, temp, oil & volt gauges.
  • Wet Okole neoprene seat and bench covers.
  • Kenwood stereo with Serius-enabled tuner and iPod hookup.
  • Secondary house battery with charging relay.
  • Center Console storage for Absorber, binoculars, pens, paper.
  • Custom Sunbrella fabric curtains, pillows and dash cover.
  • Split-cushion rear portion of lower bed (for easy storage).
  • Bamboo floormat from Bali. Beanbag ottoman from Tijuana.
  • Yackima roof rack with artificial gutter mounts.
  • Slide-out hitch receiver and tilt-up rear storage rack.
  • 2 folding bikes stowed on storage rack.

    Click through to see more pictures and a very nice custom interior!

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  • swing-box

    I found this custom swing out box on The Samba. User Ryan Pruden made this custom swing box and added VW Bus lights that look related, but not stock. He made a custom frame so he did not have to cut the bumper. Great job! Click through to see another pic of the frame.

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    I’m not sure why, but I think this one should be called the “Junk Yard Dog.” This guy is not interested in fancy paint or pristine anything. He wants the baddest Vanagon on the planet to get the job done. I just love this Vanagon! Everything about it just screams “Junk Yard Dog.” Look at the size of those wheels. What about the front bumper? Even the paint job screams “junk yard.” Click through for a few more pics.

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    This is one of the most unique Vanagon Syncros we’ve seen. It is not the most rugged, or the nicest Syncro we’ve seen but it does have a couple of storage areas that make it unique. This van comes courtesy of Click through to see how unique this Vanagon really is.

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    Is this a Vanagon or a buggy? It’s probably both, but if so much of this van has been removed, can it still be considered a Vanagon? I love the cooler mounted above the engine. The rear tires are larger than the front tires, and it looks like they have customize the dash.



    This is one of the most complete all terrain Vanagons we’ve seen. This one hails from the Czech Republic and was apparently built for a tour of Africa. Trying to list the mods and hacks on this one is a never ending adventure. Check out the horns mounted on the high top and the extra large size view mirrors. What about that massive front bumper with winch? It also looks like it has some kind of chimney exhaust coming out the rear. This is a Vanagon lover’s dream machine!

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    Oct 03, 2014 | Category: Other People's Hacks


    I ran across this photo of a unique Vanagon. Do you think the owner likes lights? Along with standard fog lights mounted on the grill, he has other lighting inside the top and bottom grills. He also has several other hacks going on in his van. He has covered the rear windows completely. It also looks like he has special venting on the roof, along with antennas for CB or Ham radios. The radio antenna has been relocated to the front center of the roof. The side mirrors are not stock, and his wheels have obviously been changed.

    Oct 03, 2014 | Category: Conversion, Other People's Hacks


    Vanagons are known as good camping vehicles for those who want something small. But what about a RV? There are Vanagon RV’s floating around out there, but here is one with a complete interior and exterior view. This RV is small, but does provide a more complete experience over the standard Vanagon. Check it out!

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