This 1989 VW T3 TURBODIESEL was for sale on eBay. The listing has been removed, but the pictures were archived on germancarsforsaleblog.com. This gorgeous truck has a 1.6 liter turbocharged inline-4 diesel with 5 speed manual transmission. The interior is clean, and the diamond plated bed looks great. They’ve added semi side view mirrors and custom wheels.

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Check out the rear rack on this VW Syncro Transporter. This thing is so hefty it could almost be used as roll bars. Whoever put this truck together must have been planning to haul something big. She’s got driving lights on the front bumper and up top. Nice.

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After looking at Vanagons every day, I cannot believe I’ve never come across this one before. This van sports stock wheels, but they’re painted so they look great. Add them to the painted bumpers, eyebrows, clear turn signals, and smaller side view mirrors, and you have yourself a very nice van.



This van could almost qualify as a junk yard dog, but it has blacked out Porsche wheels. How is that possible? Without the wheels this one would be a beater, but the rims definitely take it up a notch. This van was listed for sale in 2016. Click through for more.

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I’m always surprised at the level of creativity in the Vanagon community. Check out this company in the UK that does custom interiors. Giddycampers.co.uk does all kind of interiors, including “funky custom interiors.” Awesome! Click through to see more cabinets.

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This van was painted by an artist named Kev Munday. He blogged about painting this mural for a client who chose the picture based on their use for the van – “escaping city life for the peace and quiet of the countryside.” Kev says he likes painting vans because they make a great canvas. Great job! Check out this website to hire him for your van.


I call this one a pop up camper instead of a pop top. The camper goes straight up and provides sleeping quarters for two. It looks pretty stock as it has the original paint and graphics. It was for sale recently on eBay. Check it out.

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If you look closely, you can see a very large window on top of this gorgeous steel gray T25 hightop. She also sports some very nice Porsche wheels This van was listed on eBay this year for £13,995.00. It must be worth it as the list of goodies includes, 4 birth, Rock ‘n roll bed, 2 burner hob, on board waste water tank, swivelling front passenger seat, 240v mains hook-up, 12v lighting, on board water tank with 12v pump. Click through for more pics.

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This is a 1989 VW hightop camper van conversion done by Leisuredrive. This one has a 1600cc Turbo Diesel engine & 5 speed gearbox and a very tall hightop. Everything on the interior is custom and ready for camping. This van was for sale back in 2011 which is where the pics came from. Click through to see the interior.

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Check out this console by Dubteriors. They will be for sale online soon. The website says, “Our DubTub Console is designed to sit between the passenger and driver’s seat, it has 2 chome cup holders and storage space. We currently have the unit ready for the T2 – T25 and T4/5 versions are on their way.”


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