What happens when you turn a Vanagon into a boat? You get an amphibious Vanagon. This thing travels on land and at sea. If you are like me, you are probably fairly skeptical about this vehicle. Click through to see a video of this thing in action.

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We have seen several Vanagons with white faced gauges, but I have yet to see one with a nice VW logo in the middle. The white face on this van matches the exterior of the van, and provides a nice touch to the theme of blue and white. In addition to the white face cluster, this van has a painted dash that also matches the exterior. Click through for a few more pics.

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Check out this unique VW camper. It looks like it’s sitting on a double cab Doka, and it has a lot to offer. It’s a seriously high-top camper with lots of extras. Just check out the large awning that provides lots of shade. This camper has solar panels on the roof, electronic parking aids, and air suspension. The website says its powered by a 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine.
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How would you like floor mats that say “Vanagon” on them? The Samba user, svxcarat, posted this picture of custom Vanagon floor mats sitting on what looks like a GoWesty loop carpet mat. I have no idea where they sell these but I’d love a set.


There is a lot to love about this 1989 Volkswagen Jagdwagen Synchro Doka. The front spotlight and driving lights are cool, but the roll bars caught my eye. The rugged look is awesome, and I’m sure it feels much safer when driving off road. I would probably paint the bed doors something other than white, but this thing looks great. Click through to see a video.

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Sometimes you have to just sit back and admire a well done Vanagon. This chocolate single cab Doka doesn’t have a lot of extras, aside from custom wheels, but it sure looks well done. It does appear to have a sun roof and a nice coat of paint.


This yellow Vanagon was for sale a few years ago. The seller claims it was not registered until 1994. Given these vans were not made after 1990, that makes this pretty rare. It looks like an early 1980’s model, but I’m not sure on the exact year. It has 16″ Mercedes wheels, and a very large rag top sun roof. There is not much to the interior beyond a bed, but it does have leather seats.

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This gorgeous Vanagon has a fresh coat of paint and lots of accessories. I found it in the Vanagon Owners forum on Facebook. The owner, Ton Villano, says the color is called Orly blue. He has a solar panel sitting on his Yakima Sky Box and a South African front grill. Also of interest is a storage box on the back of the van, side ladder, and awning. All he needs now is a set of Go Westy wheels. I love this color!

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The picture says it all on this one. Someone decided to pimp his Vanagon. The interior is all sofa and fur with large speakers to boot. Notice how the wheels match the interior orange. Crazy!



This early 1980’s Vanagon has a custom side window that looks like a sun roof mounted on the side of the van. It appears that the side window can be popped opened. If you look closely, it appears to have the same hinges and handle as a sun roof. It is possible that this is just a window I haven’t seen before, but it sure is small.

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