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File this one under crazy paint jobs. We will call it the sketch paint job for now, but it could easily be called the crayon paint job. It looks like a regular old Vanagon, but the paint job makes it stand out.

This is your basic Vanagon, but I love it. The Samba user, snwbrdr435, posted it. It’s a little rough around the edges, but the South African grill and custom wheels really make this one. I also love when Vanagon owners make use of all the space including the roof. The rocket box on top with what looks like surfboards adds such a nice touch as does the spare tire on the back hatch.


Here is another themed Vanagon. This time it’s a Coca-Cola lunch box theme. The otherwise stock van looks pretty nice with the two tone paint job. I wonder if they paid a licensing fee to paint this one. I doubt it!

This Syncro looks brand new! Everything on her looks new. There is so much to love about this van it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out those tires and the gorgeous paint job. What about the entire front of the van? She’s ready for a serious expedition.


This birch interior is custom made and apparently sold by sjhjoinery.com. Their website seems to be defunct, but I hope they are still selling these cabinets. They look great! Their website states:

Here is a 15mm birch ply full length cabinet, CNC cut in house these units are a great low cost unit but built with best quality materials and components. Comes with all fixtures and fittings to fit this into your bus.

All units are sanded and fully scribed to the bus, we work on these busses daily and have have fitted these into several vans to ensure a good fit.


Check out this VR6 Syncro conversion. It’s the ultimate adventure vehicle. Check out the link below for the engine.


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The Buying a Vanagon blog is a pretty good primer on what to look for when buying a Vanagon. You will still get more specific advice from reading through the GoWesty library, but this blog does provide a good place to start. Now on to the Vanagon they use on the front. Awesome! I don’t even need to describe it. Just look at it! She’s ready for anything.

This 1985 VW t25 pickup was previously featured as a desert camp theme. Now this truck has a graffiti zombie theme and it’s wild. This truck has a 3.5l v8, and check out that front bumper. This thing is rugged. I love the exhaust and wheels too! Click through for another pic.

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Here is a nice Vanagon flooring job. This user from The Samba decided to rip out the carpet and add two color bamboo flooring to his van. He did a great job. Click through for another pic.

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This van was apparently put together by Rocky Mountain Westy, according to a post on The Samba. These bulley bars go a long way to protecting the front of the van. They also added the same bars to the rear of the van and it looks awesome. This thing is ready for anything!

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