I don’t have much to say about this pic besides whuuut? This looks like a fifth wheel hitch on a double cab Vanagon truck. It almost certainly operates as a car carrier. Awesome.


Aug 19, 2014 | Category: Body


Some of the old VW Buses came with louvered windows, or jalousies, but Vanagons come with sliding windows. Several Vanagon owners have adapted the old louvered windows, or made some of their own. There are several examples over at The Samba, and I decided to post a few.

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Aug 14, 2014 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


Going camping and don’t have a Westy? Why not turn your double cab into a camper? This owner used this double cab to travel from Amsterdam to Gambia in 4 weeks. They went 8000 KM’s with only minor issues. They had some fuel leaks and two cabin fires in the desert, but no flat tires! Click through for one more pic.

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This is one of the most accessorized Vanagons I’ve ever seen. It is feature at The Samba, and look carefully or you might miss something. It has an elaborate roof rack system, complete with ladder, but there are other goodies too. Click through to admire this beast of a Vanagon.

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Many Vanagon owners install roof racks on their ride to help carry extra equipment. Some owners go for the simple approach, while others go for large baskets and boxes. Pictured here is a large ARB rack with high jack attached. What is your roof rack choice? Click through for several examples.

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Jul 31, 2014 | Category: Other People's Hacks


Check out this bad boy. This early 1980′s Synchro Crew Cab was originally spotted on the Brickyard UK Forums, and now appears on The Samba. There aren’t too many Synchro Crew Cabs that look like this. The monster tires are simply gorgeous. Click through for a few incredible pics.

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Tim and Emily are on the road with their custom Westy they call “Chimera.” Taking a page from “Drive Nacho Drive,” the couple built their custom interior with Colorado beetle kill pine wood. Their interior features loads of counter space, a custom sink, and slide a slide out shelf. The pictures tell the story on this one, so click through to see more.

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What in the world is this camper? It is part Mercedes, part Vanagon. I ran across this bad boy at the BenzWorld forums, where forum user TRUKTOR posted pictures of this custom camper. The whole thing is one big, rugged, hack! Should it be called a Mercedagon or a Vanacedes? Click through for a few more pics.

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If the A-Team were still in action today, they could be riding in this baby. I ran across this beauty today and it reminded me of the old 1980′s hit. There is plenty of room on the inside for Murdock to jump around, and Mr. T would love driving this bad boy.


Jul 22, 2014 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


Many Vanagons have ladders. Ladders add functionality and character to the Vanagon. Sometimes ladders are mounted on the back hatch, and other times they are mounted on the side. Sometimes they have additional equipment mounted to it, other times it remains empty. What is your preferred ladder placement? Click through for a few examples.

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A custom Vanagon bumper can completely change the character of your Vanagon. Westy owners all over the world fabricate custom bumpers for their Vanagons. Some bumpers are created for style, while others hold winches and lock boxes. Whatever your fancy, there are a multitude of ideas out there. Click through for just a few ideas from around the web.

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Check out this hand painted Vanagon. Owned by couple named Bruno and Laura, this Westy is one of a kind. It appeared in an annual parade organized by the VW Club of El Salvador, the Caravana por el Día Mundial del Escarabajo (Caravan for the International Day of the Beetle). A quick trip to their website revealed more pictures of the painting process. Click through to see more.

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