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This 1989 T25 Westy was listed for sale online. Sadly, it sold. The top area above the cockpit caught my eye as it appears to be modified and it looks great! I have never seen a Vanagon Westy like this before. This one is apparently in London, but it is a left-hand driver so it was imported from somewhere. The paint is gorgeous, the wheels are hot, and the interior is clean. Click through to see more of this beauty.

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Hardtop owners know how difficult it is to get screens for the Vanagon. Yes, you can purchase screens for the front windows, but it’s a hassle to install every time you might want to use them. We found this new take on using vents as screens. It looked cool at first, but when we tried it we found we didn’t get enough air flow in the van. We even reversed the vents so the air would theoretically flow in, but we had little success. Here is another take from James Tu. The only problem here is James is in Taiwan and his website is in Chinese. So, have a look at the pics and maybe you can figure out how he did it.

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This Vanagon is apparently named “Westly” and was put together by a guy named Alex. Like many of us, he bought a Vanagon, started hacking around, and turned it into something. He actually put an ad on Craigslist looking for a cabinet guy. Some guy named Paul replied, and the rest is history. Click through to see more pics of this awesome custom Vanagon interior.

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How would you like more cupboard space in your Vanagon Westy? This owner listed his Vanagon for sale in Oregon and the cupboards caught my eye. He has completely removed the cabinets to the left of the stove, but hung a set of cabinets instead. If you look closely, you will also see a pergo floor to boot!


I ran across this custom Vanagon restoration job by accident. This guy took an old Vanagon, created a custom high top, then dropped his own entertainment center. He has led lighting strips up top, with a TV, DVD player, and speakers mounted. The TV actually flips open to access storage above the cockpit. Click through to see the rest of the high top.

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What do you do when you purchase a 1986 passenger Vanagon that does not include a table or rear facing seats? You head on up to Rhinelander Wisconsin to have your Dad fabricate a table and bench for you. That’s what this Vanagon owner did. His name is Alex and he runs a website called Bike Jerks. He says he had two options given my budget: buy a camper that was shaky mechanically, or buy a non camper that ran well. He chose the non-camper and immediately started pestering his father to make a table and a bench with storage space underneath. Click through to see another shot.

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The center console is such a challenge for Vanagon owners because of the position of the shifter. It’s simply too close to the dash to get any meaningful console to fit. Here is an example of a DIY center console by some guy named Leon. Featured on Vanagonauts, this console provides lots of room for your food and drinks. This hack is especially interesting because the shifter had to be moved back about 8 inches to make it fit. Yikes! Click through for another pic.

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The Pinzgauer is a high-mobility all-terrain military vehicle that comes in 4WD and 6WD flavors. These vehicles are for people with extreme adventure needs. The Pinzgauer is not a camper, but some people have decided to “camperize” their Pinzgauer. This guy figured out a way to fuse his Vanagon onto his Pinz. Not bad! Click through to see another pop-top Pinzgauer.

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We received this submission from someone who does not want to be identified by name. He has however, posted this inverter installation on The Samba. We considered a similar installation location for our van, but chose to use the space under the seat for storage, and a battery charger. Click through to see how this guy installed his inverter, and mounted a set of outlets behind the front seat.

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What happens when Audi creates a special support vehicle for a race? This Vanagon is described as a “VW / Audi T25 Quattro Support vehicle, for the Paris Dakkar rally circa 1987.” The body kit incredibly interesting. The curved lines make the 1980’s Vanagon look modern, and it gives the stance a completely different look. The wheels are almost certainly Audi rims and along with the emblem make this vehicle an Audi-Vanagon.

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