This classic looking Vanagon has an interesting sun visor. It seems to be made out of bamboo. We’ve seen visors before, but never bamboo. Check out the passenger’s door. It has some kind of a roll down shade too.



The title pretty much says it all. This quilted leather door panel looks great and it’s not that hard to do. Create your new door panels then simply drape the fake leather over it. Looks great!

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This is just a guess, but whoever built this van is going for a classic 50s car theme. The chrome wheels and bumpers with white walls just look like the 50s to me. I can see this van pulling up to a diner with checkered tiles. This Vanagon has small side view mirrors and a nice cream eyebrow. Click through for more.

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This Ragtop camo Doka is awesome. It looks like it came straight out of the German military. It appears to be Syncro with a huge cover over the rear bed and large driving lights on the front bumper.



Want to do something really crazy with your Vanagon camper? How put putting a photo booth in it. Don’t laugh, because it already exists. If you check out T3 Photo Booths, they give the following specs: Customized design and panels to fit perfectly between seats, 10 minutes set-up time, Plug and Play Unit, Bright LED Lighting, DNP DS40 Sub Dye Printer.

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Why didn’t I think of this? The Foxing 270 degree awning is perfect for camping. It covers the side and the back of the Vanagon. How perfect is that? These were apparently available at, but I can no longer find them. Very cool!


This 1982 Vanagon apparently has a V8 inside, but these switches caught my eye. I wish I had a picture that was slightly zoomed out. It looks like they just build a box on the dash to house their gauges and switches. Nice job.




I just love themed Vanagons. We’ve seen quite a few of them before, including a UK theme, JägerBus, and even several Mystery Machines. The theme of this Vanagon is Gulf Oil. It is otherwise normal and nothing special, but I love the theme.

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Dec 28, 2016 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


This otherwise normal looking 1991 Vanagon has rear bucket seats. And they are very nice! It also sports front bucket seats and a pretty nice roof rack, but the rest of the van looks pretty normal. Click through for more of the interior.

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I love this Vanagon flooring installation. The Samba user, trl_rnr, posted pictures of his living room floor. He said he used left over pine and stained it with 4 different colors. The character of this van is awesome now. It gives it such a rustic look. Click through for another pic.

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