This is your typical Syncro, except it has a very large eyebrow on the grill. It’s so large, they had to cut out a place for the emblem. In addition to the eyebrow, this black van has blacked out lenses, a sun visor, large bumper, and semi-truck side mirrors. Awesome!



This otherwise boring van has an awesome red and white checkered interior. It reminds me of a 50’s diner. The upholstery is perfectly done (you have to see the front seats), and the floor matches beautifully. I haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous custom cabinets. Click through to be be blown away by this awesome interior in a boring van.

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This custom plaid interior was put together by a company called DubWorks. The otherwise normal looking Vanagon has a lovely custom interior that adds a unique character to the van. Click through for more pics.

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This gorgeous 1989 VW T25 4 berth camper van was recently for sale. Rebuilt in 2011, this van has a 1.9 Diesel engine, and a restored interior. The only thing she is missing is custom wheels. I love the single color on this van. You will have to go to Northern Ireland to have a look at this one, but it’s worth it. Click through to see the interior.

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This interior looks to be from an early 1980s Weekender model. Is it just me, or does that table look wider than normal? It sure looks a bit larger than my table.


I know nothing about this interior or who create it, but it is possibly the nicest interior I’ve ever seen. I ran across this one on Pinterest and I would love more pics. If you know where this was taken please contact us immediately.


This Vanagon owner has done a fantastic job on his camper. He calls her, Serenity. You have to check out his website to see all of the work he’s done, but just look at the paint job. I have a set of AMG wheels like that on a Mercedes and I’d love to know how he got it on the van. The last time we tried to mount custom wheels, the spacers presented to much of a hassle so we went with GoWesty’s wheels. Click through for another pic.

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Check out the paint job on this Vanagon. It looks like a sunset scene on the African safari or something. All she needs is a little TLC, and some new wheels!


Here is another Vanagon RV. This custom conversion makes the Westy look small. I love the round headlights from what appears to be a South African grill. With custom wheels, large side mirrors, a luggage area on top, and awning, this rig is ready for a weekend out by the lake. Let’s go!


This turquoise VW T25 camper has been fully restored and it is beautiful. The interior could use a bit more love, but the exterior looks great. The antenna, of all things, caught my eye. I love how it angles up beside the window. My antenna definitely doesn’t look that slick. Click through for another pic.

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