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This ad for a Vanagon RV says it is a Syncro. It doesn’t look like a Syncro, but the ad says it is “the only known multimobil syncro.” It apparently has permanent four wheel drive with two differential locks. Click through to check it out.

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This orange crew cab looks so sleek, it’s crazy. I couldn’t figure out why it looked so different but then I realized they completely re-did the body. It looks like a unibody designed truck. No lines, no gaps, just all body. AND, they left off the door handles. Even the bumper looks like part of the body. Of course, they also sport after market wheels, new rear brake lights, and painted front grill. Click through to see several more pics of this beauty.

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If you don’t have an awning on your Vanagon, you might consider a tent. The only issue with a tent is the setup and tear down, so if you are not camping for awhile, it may be quite a hassle for you. I ran across this video of a couple setting up their tent and it’s quite a nice setup. Click through to see their setup in 3 minutes.

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The pics are taken at Vanfest, and these guys are crazy. Are you gutsy enough to drive your Syncro over a mountain of logs? The photos were originally published on The Samba and you should hit the source link below to see more crazy Vanagon owners. You won’t believe it. Click through to see more pictures.

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What do you get when you take the famous Island Hopper Vanagon from Magnum P.I., chop 11 inches from its height, and place it over a Toyota MR2? The picture says it all. The guys at LeMons New England gave it a shot for their Halloween Hooptiefest. They turned the Vanagon into a bit of a racer.

The recipe: Take one third-gen Toyota MR2 that was wrapped around a shopping-mall light pole in a fit of ill-advised hoonage, take a Vanagon body and chop 11? out of its height, do some cutting and pasting. Yes, it is now an MR2 with a giant box-shaped airbrake and 800 pounds of additional weight… and one of the greatest race cars we have ever seen. Will it be faster than the GoWesty LeMons Vanagon, with its VR6 power? We’ll see on Saturday.

Click through to see another shot.

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Blogger Chojin Chef has a 1984 Westy and has come up with a few good hack ideas. This hack enables him to open and close the rear hatch from the inside. He installed a handle and a knob on the inside of the rear hatch. The handle allows him to pull the door closed, while the knob allows him to release the latch and open the door. How many times have you been laying in the back of your van and wished you could open the rear hatch for some fresh air? Click through to see how he did it.

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There is nothing we like more than attention to detail. This Vanagon owner decided to put a little color into his dash and steering wheel. Even the ash tray got a coat of paint on this one. I’m not a huge fan of the orange, but the cloth horn button looks very nice. Click through to see what the exterior of this Van looks like.

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We have seen a Vanagon semi-truck before, but this one is for sale. It showed up on The Samba back in September and it’s a long one. This one is silver and the price is open. How much would you pay for this big boy toy? Click through to see a few more shots.

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Curtains or drapes can make your Vanagon feel more like a home. After all, cars don’t have drapes but most homes do. Vanagon Westfalia campers came stock with tracks for curtains but no such options are available for non-camper Vanagons. Adding curtains or drapes to a non-camper Vanagons is no easy task, and perfect solutions do not exist. There are a couple of aftermarket solutions that work if you are willing to do the work yourself. Click through to check out the options.

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We all know Vanagon are used for so many different tasks. We have seen Vanagon fire trucks, lunch wagons, dump trucks, ambulances, and more, but this is the first time I have come across a Vanagon school bus. This one has the right colors going on, and check out the signage and extra rear mounted flashing lights. Perfect.


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