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We have seen a lot of high top Vanagons floating around, but what about a high top pop top? I haven’t seen one of these in the US, but they are apparently popular in Europe. Now you don’t have to choose between a high top, or a pop top. Just get both. Click through for one more.

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Forget the boring cloth Vanagon seats. If you’re like James Tu, you reupholster the seats in your favorite color. James has several hacks we seen before, but this time we’re just admiring his upholstery. Click through for a few more shots.

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There are several manufacturers of high tops in Europe, and some people even custom make their own top. High tops look odd, but add so much room on the inside. With the additional room there is opportunity for more customization of the interior. Check out this Carthago high top interior with its additional rack and cabinet space. You can stand in your Vanagon at all times. Click through for more interior and exterior pics.

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South Africa Vanagon-Caravelle 1

South African VW Van fans are so lucky. VW kept making the Vanagon (aka T3) in South Africa long after the US production was halted. Check out some of the upgrades you get with this South Africa Caravelle Vanagon Kombi. For starters, it has larger side windows and an exterior air intake scoop. Click through to see the interior upgrades.

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This custom interior actually has a door to the “cockpit” like an airplane. The wood countertop with sink and drawers is gorgeous. My favorite part of this interior however, is the wine rack. Can you see it? Gorgeous!

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There is a lot of unused space under the Vanagon, and Peace Vans wants to make use of it. Peace Vans is a shop with some of their own nifty mods, and the undermount PV battery tray is a nice once. They craft a tray that holds a house battery and/or a starting battery. The tray hinges down for easy access. This tray allows you to get the battery out of the interior of the van. Click through to check it out.

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How’s this stainless steel custom Vanagon kitchen? Samba user wildenbeast says it was custom made with oak and stainless steel. He has a propex heater in the bottom box and cork flooring. Click through to get a better shot of his stovetop.

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Who knew Porsche actually built a custom Vanagon? According to Car Build Index, Porsche customized a few of these rare 1985 VW Porsche B32s as support vehicles for the Paris to Dakar Rally. These rare Vanagons were 3.2 liter flat 6 cylinder vans. You have to see the interior of this van. Click through for more.

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Mar 18, 2015 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


We have seen so many different flooring options for the Vanagon including tile, wood, carpet, rubber, and more. This is the first time I’ve seen an area rug covering the entire back area. Unfortunately, the original owner of this van no longer has their website up so we can’t see more pics. If you look closely they have some kind of large center console going on and the standard fire extinguisher placement.




Although this Vanagon is not full of armor, it sure takes a page out of the armored cars we see driving around. The side windows are covered and even the windshield and passenger windows have been modified. She might have something going for her if she had new wheels. Click through for another pic.

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