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I don’t usually post fake photos, but this one was so interesting I made an exception. This picture is not real. It is an obvious Photoshop job. The doors have the same “noise” on them, and you can see an obvious pasting line on the drop down bed doors. However, it is an interesting concept. What would happen if someone could make a triple cab Vanagon truck with a short bed. Looks cool right?


Check out this tricolor VW T3 pop-top. It has a black top with yellow and green below. I’m not in love with the painted bumpers, but it looks interesting. If you look closely, it appears this ride has leather seats in the front. The wheels round it out very well. Where can I get a set of those wheels?


This double cab Syncro has a unique a hydraulic tipper bed that effectively turns it into a dump truck. The dark grey paint with roll bars and modified bumpers add some toughness to this VW truck. The extra large tires also add to that tough feel. I like the truck side view mirrors too. Where can I get one of these bad boys? Click through for more pictures.

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I love when Vanagon owners figure out a way to customize their vans. This Vanagon owner took some scrap wood and material and created a very nice center console. The console holds his coffee and provides a step for his dog who wants to look out the front window. He says he still intends to add some usb charging ports. Nice job!

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This early 1980’s double cab has a very large camper sitting on its back. We don’t have interior pictures, but this thing looks roomy! I love the bumper bars on the front, as well as the Mercedes style hubcaps. Due to the width of the camper, the owner had to modify the side view mirrors. Nice job!



This 1986 high top camper was recently for sale, and the listing says it features an “extendedable sleeping area.” It might be good for an NBA player trying to hang out with a Vanagon. I can’t tell if it is removable or not, but it looks interesting.

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Here is another acrylic sun visor for the Vanagon. This one is red, and is available from Kuda in the UK. They don’t appear to have other colors so you will have to have a van whose color matches red. It also seems to sit a little higher than other visors we have seen. I have never felt the need for a visor, but if you want to add some character to your van, this may be one way to do it.


We often feature rear flooring options for the Vanagon. We have seen wood, tile, carpet, rubber, and more. This Vanagon owner decided to install Pergo in the living room area. Pergo is quick, easy and durable and this Samba user reports it is holding up well.


Some Vanagon owners have been hacking up their dashboards installing front A/C units. The Samba user nilza took things a step further when he hacked up his dash and included a reverse camera display. I can’t tell what else he has installed, but his fiberglass work looks great! Click through for more pics.

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Now why didn’t I think of this? How would you like a pop-out safari windshield on your Vanagon? I don’t know much about this one, but I ran across it on Flickr. It looks like he has a hydraulic strut that pushes the windshield out, but I can’t be sure. Check out the rest of the photos on this Flickr stream.

I also love the large tires!

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