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The pictures say it all with this custom VW T3 Doka. Everything on this double-cab has been redone. It has a custom bed liner and that’s just the start. The interior has been completely re-upholstered including the seats and doors. This double-cab even has a custom console complete with meters, as well as a wooden steering wheel. Click through to see this beauty up close.

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Check out this 1980 Vanagon camper with custom cabinets. Andy Compton restored this VW and added his own touch. The baby blue exterior paint is matched with his navy blue interior. White cabinets and a blue stone counter top complete his Westy. Oh, Andy was apparently only 17 when he completed his restoration. Click through to see a few more pics.

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I ran across this video of a gorgeous restoration project. The before and after pics are just crazy! The custom upholstery and dash board make me want to duplicate this one. I also like the rearranging of the rear of the van. Trust me, this one is definitely worth watching. Click through for another pic and the video.

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This gorgeous orange Transporter has so many upgrades it’s hard to count them. The custom top, body kit, grill eyelid and wheels are just a few goodies to start. What about the custom side view mirrors? He has covered the rear windows and added some sort of vent to the sliding door. The clear turn signals and rain guards round out this orange beauty.



The guys over at Subagon sure know how to redo a Vanagon. This 1986 Syncro, called “The Giraffe,” has recently been redone and has a crazy list of upgrades. While planning the project, they intended to wrap the van in a skin print and call the van Giraffe. Halfway through they scrapped the skin idea, but kept the name. Click through to see the insane list of upgrades and more pics.

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There is a lot to say about this monster, but the sun visors are the most obvious. Where in the world did this guy get those? He has one visor on the top, and an clear orange visor on the bottom. And what about the exhaust pipes coming out of the side of the van? Those appear to be just for show. He has a spoiler on the back, a rotating orange (siren) light, as well as mounted fog lights, a custom body kit, and lowering springs. This guy has definitely hacked up his van and should be contributing his ideas to our blog!


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What in the world is this? It looks like the Mystery Machine without the middle. Nice hack.



The exterior roll bars caught my eye on this beauty, but further investigation revealed the ultimate adventure vehicle. There are so many hacks on this one I don’t know where to start. How about the embedded Hella lights in the lower grill? This Vanagon T3 Synchro TDI looks brand new! You have to click through for more photos, then visit the website for the details.

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I’ve always wondered about installing a rooftop air conditioner on a Vanagon. It would be so nice to have cold air while parked. Of course you would likely need a generator somewhere, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Interestingly, I haven’t seen many rooftop A/C’s on Vanagons but I ran across two today. I can’t tell for sure, but it sure looks like the Vanagon above has a rooftop A/C unit in addition to some kind of skylight. CLick through to see another example.

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I don’t have much to say about this pic besides whuuut? This looks like a fifth wheel hitch on a double cab Vanagon truck. It almost certainly operates as a car carrier. Awesome.


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Some of the old VW Buses came with louvered windows, or jalousies, but Vanagons come with sliding windows. Several Vanagon owners have adapted the old louvered windows, or made some of their own. There are several examples over at The Samba, and I decided to post a few.

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Going camping and don’t have a Westy? Why not turn your double cab into a camper? This owner used this double cab to travel from Amsterdam to Gambia in 4 weeks. They went 8000 KM’s with only minor issues. They had some fuel leaks and two cabin fires in the desert, but no flat tires! Click through for one more pic.

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