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Sep 21, 2017 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks

Most bike racks and trays go on modified rear bumpers. This time, The Samba user mblotz decided to mount his bike on the front bumper. He modified a Rocky Mountain Westy front bumper to accommodate his bike. It looks very strong and keeps the bike out in front.

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This interior looks brand new thanks to a nice upholstery job. The Samba user, kevtherev, posted the interior pics of his van. The headrests have been made to be solid, and everything matches perfectly in this vinyl interior. The door panels are new, and check out the leg rest behind the passenger’s seat. That’s the perfect place to relax!

If you read this blog often, you know we just installed 3 US12220 battery equivalents in our van. We couldn’t get the actual UB12220, but we installed PowerSonic batteries in the same formation. The Samba member, westyventures, did one better by installing 4 batteries, and his installation looks great. Click through for more.

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Check out this Dehler Vanagon. The interior looks awesome. The cabinets and bucket seats alone make this one a must have. And how about the wood table? This van was for sale in Minneapolis a few years ago. Whoever purchased it was very lucky! Click through to see the exterior.

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Brad and Sheena own a Vanagon they call Nacho. They decided to quit their jobs and drive Nacho around the globe. They spent a lot of time customizing their Vanagon and as you can see, they have done quite a job. Brad designed a water filtration system that is insanely good. He uses UV lighting and a 0.2 micron filter to make sure no matter what water he puts in the Vanagon, it comes out clean at the tap. On top of that, Nacho has separate hot and cold water tanks. Click through to see how they did it.

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This is another crazy custom Vanagon paint job. These guys took a standard white high top VW, and turned it into a colorful, wacky van. They decided to let everyone in on the fun so they created a time-lapse video of the whole process. Click through to check it out.

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One of the best things you can do to your Vanagon is install GoWesty’s Auxiliary Battery Kit. Once you have that done, you might consider this battery hack we first got from Ken at Van Again. He put 3 batteries in parallel to get more amp hours out of the setup. We followed his lead and it works great. We used 3 Power Sonic 21ah batteries to get a total of 63ah.

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This 1988 VW Syncro Double Cab truck is to die for. It lived in Sweden and was well taken care of. It went on sale in April 2017 with an asking price of $18,500. Would you pay that much for this truck? This truck looks pristine on the inside and out and has not been restored. It was simply well maintained. Click through for more stunning pics.

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Some people like to see how low they can go. Others, want to go in the opposite direction. This Vanagon Syncro, see on The Samba, has a 35mm lift kit installed. The kit was apparently purchased from Oberschlachter and it makes the Vanagon appear very high. I would suggest it is in need of larger wheels and tires to match.

File this one under crazy Vanagon paint jobs. This 1990 Vanagon sits outside the Hood Canal Marina with a paint job fit for its surroundings. Someone decided (after the fact) to paint some fish on this Vanagon, perhaps to make it feel at home. The otherwise normal looking Vanagon is instantly transformed into something to look at. This is definitely not my aesthetic choice, but I’ll give them an “A” for effort.

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