Check out this custom leather covered dash with center console. The console is wide, and features VW Golf III instruments. It also has extra VDO gauges along the right side. The Momo gear shifter and steering wheel make the cockpit look modern.




Sometimes you just have to sit back and admire a gorgeous Vanagon. This 1989 Syncro sports a Subaru WRX engine and looks brand new. The owners did a fantastic restoration on this Vanagon. They sold their baby, but we can still sit back and admire it. Click through for more pictures.
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Sometimes you need a little extra space to carry large items. Many Vanagon owners pile that sort of thing on roof racks. They even sell Rocket Boxes for extra storage space. This guy, however, has a rear bumper tow hitch that holds a bar to create a storage area to carry extra gear. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s slick.

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This is one I had not heard of before today. This customized VW Camper by Devon debuted in the mid-1980’s. The Devon Eurovette has some interesting touches I’ve not seen before, including a beach shower and microwave. As you can see, the standard side windows are missing in favor of smaller windows. Click through to see the customized options in this Devon Eurovette.

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Is this the best Syncro in the West? Some people think so. This Syncro won Best Syncro at Syncrofest 5 this year and it’s a beauty. The entire van has been redone and I’m drooling. TexasVanagons.com was at Sfyncrofest 5 and has published a very nice feature about this van. Click through for a few more pics.

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Here is a nice interior by GT Campers. These guys know how to do an interior right. The light wood with purple and black upholstery is compelling for some reason. The countertops look great and everything has a fine finish to it. Even the pop top area looks great. Click through for another pic.

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Talk about unique. This 1986 VW T25 Holdsworth camper was recently for sale in the UK, and by the looks of it the van was hacked up quite a bit. It has an interesting graffiti paint job that seems perfect for a surf mobile. The listing says it has a “Rosie”! Recon 1600 turbo Diesel engine. The van has since sold and all pictures removed.

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Check out this seemingly normal VW T3. The video is entitled, “Airride” and appears to be a hydraulic installation with airbags of some sort. I’d love to know more.


Check out this VW T25 Autosleeper VT20. This is a straight pop top European VW, but the wrap around back seat is interesting. I’m not sure it provides the best use of space, but it is an interesting layout. You can create a large bed in the back if you wish. Click through for a few more pics.

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What happens when you hack up some checker plate steel for the rear seat? You end up with an interesting look. Add in a new matching floor mat from Costco, and you have a very different feel in the van. Check it out.

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