There is a lot to love about this Syncro with a Subby conversion. A brand new paint job, lots of extra lights, and a Subaru engine make this Synchro a keeper. What caught my eye however, was the black wheels with matching paint on the inside. Nice attention to detail!


Dec 14, 2014 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks


The title says it all. This is the longest and nicest Vanagon you’ve ever seen. This limousine is available for your wedding, prom, or night out on the town. You just need to be in Germany to get her. Click through for more photos.

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What happens when a Vanagon owner puts a sign on the street asking for people to help “sharpie” his Vanagon? People come and create the craziest artwork imaginable! Would you do this to your plain white Vanagon? Click through to check it out.

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Vanagon owners are very familiar with making the most out of the limited space in a van. We can find all sort of nooks and crannies to store our junk. Although the Vanagon Westy comes with several cabinets, it is not always easy to fit everything you need into them. Check out this Vanagon spice cabinet by Rhino Design Studio. It’s a replacement door for your back cabinet that includes shelves for spices. What a perfect way to make more room for your knick knacks. Click through to see a real life example in action.

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Dec 09, 2014 | Category: Other People's Hacks


I get a lot of attention from my exterior bottle opener, and I don’t even use it for beer. Imagine having a beer tap on your Vanagon that you can actually pour beer from. Samba user, jkidd152, hacked the exterior refrigerator vent of his Westy and installed a live beer tap. If you want to impress your friends, this is the hack for you. Click through to see how he did it.

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This is one of my favorite Vanagons ever. I know nothing about it or its owner, but I just can’t take my eyes off of it. Is it the lowered stance? Is it the wheels? Is it the color? Is it just this particular photo? I don’t know what it is. All I know is it is one of my favs ever. I found it on the Samba.


Some Vanagon owners take things to a different level. In this case, it is obvious the owner took his Syncro very seriously. Not only did he completely trick out his van, he created a matching trailer with a tent on top. This Syncro showed up for sale on Campervan Culture, the perfect place for this one. Click through for more pictures and specs.

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Nov 30, 2014 | Category: Other People's Hacks


Every Vanagon enthusiast will appreciate the following blog post, The Surfmobile Devotional. An Ode to the Venerable Volkswagen Vanagon Camper by Chris Dixon. We are all wondering why Volkswagen stopped production of the best consumer van in history. We love it! Check out the full store here.


If you are bored with the stock carpet flooring you can add your own personal taste to your Vanagon. We have seen rubber flooring, bamboo flooring, vinyl, and more. This marble install comes from a 1984 Westy and it looks great. The flooring looks like actual marble (instead of ceramic tile) and adds a nice personal touch to the living area in this Vanagon. You might also notice this guy uses the table mount as a MagLite holder.



Vanagons are used for so many different tasks. I am always amazed at the way people hack these vans to fit their needs. We have seen a Vanagon dump truck before, but I just ran across a couple more. These dump trucks are rare, but they sure fit the bill if you need a small dump truck. Click through to see another one.

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