Check out this custom cluster courtesy of North Westy. The white face with red dial is gorgeous. They created this cluster for a custom TDI conversion and it brings a new, modern feel to the van. They even included a gauge pod for the ash try. Click through for the night view.

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Around 1984, Holdsworth introduced a new model called the VW T25 / T3 Holdsworth Variety. This hightop camper featured a different interior than the standard VW camper. The most obvious different is the normal rear bed area was instead used for the kitchen, or storage lockers. Two flexi seats could be used to create a single or double bed. Click through to see more of this interior.

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This is one of the craziest ideas I’ve seen but I suppose it deserves a mention. This Vanagon has been completely outfitted in knitware. Who would want to drive this thing around like this? It turns out a couple of VW commercial vehicle employees spotted a classic bus treated in knitwear while visiting Thailand. They decided to replicate the bus. This is their finale product.

About 2500 hours went into the 100-pound-plus knit sweater for the unique T3, which can be admired in the Volkswagen Museum until the end of March.

Seriously? A museum?



I ran across this little beauty on Facebook. It’s a pod that includes oil pressure and temperature gauges and goes right into the ash tray. It looks clean and the installation is fairly straight forward. The pod is made by Brickwerks and it looks pretty cool. Click through to see more.

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What happens when you purchase an old van and someone has pimped it? You Unpimp your ride. These guys turned their pimped Vanagon into a project and documented their progress. The pimped version is worth remembering however. Someone went through a lot of trouble to customize this interior.

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Check out this VW Double Cab pickup with a custom shifter and housing. If you look closely, the housing is held on by a piece of tape but it still looks okay. Also of note is the compartment where the glove box usually goes. I’ve never seen that before so I don’t know if that was an original option or a custom job. It sure looks stock. Click through for a couple more shots.

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Evolution Campervan Interiors knows how to redo a van. Check out the picture above as one example of their work. They bring old vans to life! You can check out their website for many more examples of their work.


These drawers under the rear bed caught my eye. There’s not much to say about them except they add some storage space to your Vanagon. Obviously, if you use the bed a lot this might cause a problem unless you use a mattress topper, but it looks good for every day use.



In 1986, Holdsworth introduced a new camper model called the VW T25 / T3 Holdsworth Vision. It was based on a Volkswagen factory hightop van, but the interior was quite different. The kitchen and storage lockers were in the back while the main cabin had an unusual setup. There was a fold away room divider between front and rear creating a separate toilet compartment. Click through to see more.

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The next time you want to take a vacation in Spain, you might consider renting this black pearl high top VW T3 Vanagon. I immediately noticed the large VW emblem mounted on the bumper, but this van has a lot to offer. The high top provides loads of space inside, and it’s perfect for tootling around Spain. Click through for more interior shots.

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