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This Vanagon owner did some work on his cluster. He added trim rings to the speedometer and tach and added blue LED backlighting. What a nice upgrade to the dash! Click through for a demo video of his installation.

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This modified 1989 VW T3 Doka Syncro sold in November 2017 for $53,000! Man oh man, it doesn’t get much better than this. Its new owner must be one happy camper. Everything about this truck looks first rate from the paint to the undercarriage. The interior has been completely redone, and if you like toggle switches this is the truck for you. Click through to see a video of this thing in action.

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Check out this awesome rear bumper from Rocky Mountain Westy. The Twin Peaks Bumper comes with an integrated step and 2″ receiver hitch. The bumper is made of heavy duty 12-gauge plate that is hand welded. It is powder coated for a long lasting finish. Check it out at Rocky Mountain Westy.

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Whoever owns this van has interesting taste. The checkered roof seem to match the blackout wheels with white sidewalls. Place this on an sherbet-orange Vanagon, and you have a recipe for a memorable van. The sideview mirrors are white, and it has a red sun shade. It’s whacky for sure, but glorious in its own right.

Vanagon owners know they have to make use of every bit of space. This Vanagon kitchen demonstrates a nice way to organize utensils and keep them out of the way. Nice job!


What do you do when you are bored with your pop top tent? You install striped fabric so you always stand out in a crowd. I don’t know where they got the tent, but it looks great. It’s almost a candy cane motif.

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Want to replace your Vanagon’s front seats? This is a nice little upgrade that you can do on the cheap. The Samba user, kjono09, grabbed some Eurovan seats and installed them in a Syncro. They look nice, and even include a bar on the back where you can hang things. AND, the reclining feature is awesome!

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I just love Vanagon owners who get crafty with their van. The Samba user, Sodo, has posted pictures of the front motorcycle rack he created for his van. It is bolted to the flange of the Vanagon frame and appears to be very strong. If you have the skills, check out how he did it. You can make one for yourself!

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You can rent this Vanagon if you’re in the Austin area. Meet Chewy the Vanagon. As you can see, she has a ton of character. Her owner makes her available in the Austin area. See what he has to say:

Come sleep in my 1986 Tintop VW Vanagon! It’s got room for two and a stove and sink to cook with! If you have more than two there is room for a tent to be pitched! It’s a nice cozy spot with a fire ring that in 5mins from downtown Austin.

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This Vanagon is apparently named Melinko. It has been transformed with various upgrades, including body work and paint, new shocks, springs, ball joints, control arms, 16″ rims and tires, and more. Click through to see the full video. Nice job!

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