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Everyone who owns a Vanagon should have the GoWesty Auxiliary Battery Kit installed. The kit allows you to have a second battery to run your lights, stereo, etc., while parked without draining your starting battery. We installed the kit with an Odyssey PC1200 battery (44ah) and it works quite well, but the battery is pricey ($250) and it only gave us 44Ah. Ken from Van Again has a brilliant hack for using the GoWesty Kit.

As you can see in the video above, Ken uses deep cycle wheelchair batteries in parallel along with the GoWesty kit. He is able to get more amp hours for the buck that way. There is room to add 4 batteries under the driver’s seat which gives you a total of 88Ah — double the GoWesty battery.

We have purchased several things from Van Again. Check out their website for accessories, and their Facebook page for more videos.

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