Brad and Sheena own a Vanagon they call Nacho. They decided to quit their jobs and drive Nacho around the globe. They spent a lot of time customizing their Vanagon and as you can see, they have done quite a job. Brad designed a water filtration system that is insanely good. He uses UV lighting and a 0.2 micron filter to make sure no matter what water he puts in the Vanagon, it comes out clean at the tap. On top of that, Nacho has separate hot and cold water tanks. Click through to see how they did it.


Brad started by cutting a tub below the floor to hold his equipment. The tub contains pumps and filters and is the key holding area for his filtration system.


He built a false floor to hide all the tubing that he routes to the cabinets. The final result is amazing. They are able to fill the Vanagon with water from anywhere and it will be drinkable when it comes out of their faucet. Brad says he still puts a cap full of bleach in his 15 gallon water tank, but he probably doesn’t really need it.


Check out the cabinet work he did too. If you want to be blown away by a Vanagon interior check out the source link below. Brad and Sheena have done an amazing job on their Westy, and I’d love to buy it when they are done with it. They have a Kickstarter page where they raise money for their first book, among other things. Head on over and support your fellow Vanagon fan.


  • LXero

    is there any information on where the water tanks are located?

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