Many Vanagon owners install fog lights or running lights on their vans. They provide extra light while driving as the stock Vanagon lights are rather wimpy. They also provide a different character to the Vanagon depending on where you mount them. There are many light kits available with several placements to choose from. You can get round or rectangle lights to light up the road in front of you, and the following are only a few examples.


GoWesty sells a Terrapodz LED Running Light Kit that installs on the corner of the lower grill. It essentially mimics the famous German Projektzwo lower grill fog lamp kit. The rectangle lights fit nicely and look stock. Check out these two vans:



You can never go wrong with GoWesty. (Source, Source)


Some people choose to go the less expensive and simpler route and mount a kit themselves. This guy chose the rectangle variation and mounted them on the bumper. (Source)



Both vans above chose the round variation and mounted them on the bumper. This is an easy install that works well. (Source, Source)


Of course, someone will always choose to install both the round and square variations. Perhaps he is indecisive? (Source)


If you are more into a cluster of fog lights you are probably drooling with envy at this one. I’ll be he can spot a dime a mile away at night. (Source)


Most people mount their fog lights on top of the bumper. I like this lower installation under the bumper. The lights go right on the lower body kit. (Source)

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