What happens when you outgrow your Vanagon and you need an extra sleeper? If you are creative like Samba user Karol81, you create a Vanagon camper trailer. He took a donor Vanagon, sliced it up, and added a Westy interior. With paint to match an existing Syncro this trailer is a winner! The pictures speak for themselves so click through to see the rest.


He started with a blue donor Vanagon. Cutting up was the easy part.


The interior looks like a standard westy, but it has an extra bench and what looks like a refrigerator inside.

A quick view from the rear.

Check out the full album of photos at his Google+ page. They speak for themselves. What a creative way to use a donor Vanagon.

  • Gnarlodious

    Wrong, two donors! A second for the backhatch section up front! I suppose the rear facing air scoops offer some venting at highway speeds…

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