Have you wondered why there is no light over the passenger’s seat in your Vanagon? With a little work, you can have one. We purchased an extra light from GoWesty and then started the project.

Final result of the Passenger's side light.

See the project after the jump…

First we felt around where we thought the light should go. It felt like there was a dummy slot there, so we took a chance. We slit the headliner in the right spot.

Making the cut

Then we pulled the dummy out. It was a little plastic piece which revealed a perfect slot for the light.

Taking out the dummy

Then we fished wire to the back light and we were good to go.

Fishing the wires

Now we have a light on the passenger’s side just like on the driver’s side. It adds a lot more light in the evenings and it looks completely stock.

Final result of the Passenger's side light.

  • VolkswagenT25.com

    Was the wiring already behind there also? If not where did you run it from?

  • geo_tonz

    “Then we fished wire to the back light and we were good to go”
    No pre-existing wiring.

    I’ve been contemplating this mod. Was also going to pull new speaker wire so I guess now’s the time!

  • VHacks

    There was no wiring. We tapped off the back light and ran the wire to the front. It was tricky, but we got it.

  • Eric Rogers

    What year? Doesn’t feel like there’s a dummy slot in my 85 in fact the whole headliner feels like thin mfd panew not plastic. The headliner is peeling anyway so it’s probably coming out this winter

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