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One of the best things you can do to your Vanagon is install GoWesty’s Auxiliary Battery Kit. Once you have that done, you might consider this battery hack we first got from Ken at Van Again. He put 3 batteries in parallel to get more amp hours out of the setup. We followed his lead and it works great. We used 3 Power Sonic 21ah batteries to get a total of 63ah.

This project doesn’t look complicated, but the space is tight. We wasted 2 hours trying to string these batteries together in place before removing them and connecting them on a desk. Trust me, make all your connections outside the van and then put the batteries in place.

So far this hack is working well. We are considering adding two or three more of these batteries under the rear seat to get even more juice.

If you’d like to try this hack, Amazon has the batteries that we wanted to use, but they wouldn’t ship it to us in Honolulu. They are 22 amp hour batteries which is 1 amp hour more than the ones we used. Buy them here and have them shipped to you:

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    This battery setup works very well for us. 63ah in such a small space. Perfect!

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