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We are often asked where we get our accessories so we compiled a list of some of the products we have purchased and use in our Vanagon. This is by no means a complete list. We purchase parts from Go Westy, Van Cafe, Van Again, and others too, but Amazon is really convenient!


Coffee Related
Vanagon dwellers need coffee. The Aero Press is our coffee maker of choice. You can’t beat it! If you try only one of the products we suggest, try the Aero Press. You won’t be sorry.


Auxiliary Battery Related
We installed an auxiliary battery with the Go Westy kit. We first used the battery that Go Westy recommends which you can see here.

More recently, we hacked three of the UB1220 batteries together. You can see that here:


Our Streaming Setup
We mounted an iPad and use a HooToo router connected to a 256GB USB drive to stream our large collection of movies. Works like a charm!


Interior Lighting
We’ve used LED lights around the edges as well as magnetic puck lights. We also have two fluorescent stock lights.


Bottle Openers
Without question, the number one thing people ask about on our van is the exterior bottle opener. You can find several options here.


Reverse Camera and Dash Setup


Other Products We Like

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