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I can’t think of too many vans with better front protection than this guy. The otherwise stock looking Vanagon appears to be able to mow down a forest full of trees!


Most Westy owners who carry bikes place them on the rear of the van. This Westy owner prefers the front bumper for his bikes. TheSamba user, a1fa , has a Yakima Bike Rack mounted on the front bumper instead of the back. He also has Yakima Box up top. Click through for another look at hi van.

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The folks over at Texas Vanagons created this bench seat lock box. It looks like a perfect fit, but it was quite a process. Head on over to Texas Vanagons to see a very detailed walk through of how they created this. It’s perfect!

Check out this console by Dubteriors. They will be for sale online soon. The website says, “Our DubTub Console is designed to sit between the passenger and driver’s seat, it has 2 chome cup holders and storage space. We currently have the unit ready for the T2 – T25 and T4/5 versions are on their way.”



This little mod looks interesting. Made from PVC, this doggy door simply keeps a dog out of the cockpit area of your van. It fits in the table mount and can swing open. Click through for another full size pic.

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This Dash Tidy adds a nice map table to your Vanagon’s dash board. They are available from and they look pretty good.

These are German quality for LHD vehicles but work well for RHD vehicles too. Great for covering up butchered metal dash boards full of screw holes and converts the whole area into a useful usable space while on the road.

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Many Syncro owners have large bumpers with grill protection, but what about the headlights? sells a set of square headlight protectors that do the job nicely. The installation can be a little time consuming, but once you get them in they look great. Click through to see an installation video.

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Check out this custom console for the Vanagon cockpit. It is full of gauges, switches, and lights, and is perfect for the Vanagon enthusiast. Although the picture is cut off, it looks like the console contains a cup holder at the bottom. One of the downsides of this kind of console is it limits the ability to mount the Vanagon from the side door, but it sure looks cool.


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I love when Vanagon owners figure out a way to customize their vans. This Vanagon owner took some scrap wood and material and created a very nice center console. The console holds his coffee and provides a step for his dog who wants to look out the front window. He says he still intends to add some usb charging ports. Nice job!

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This is a new locking steel center console by VanagonLife for your VW Vanagon. Some retailers sell lock boxes that go under the Vanagon seats, but this lockbox is also an elegant center console. You can purchase one from VanagonLife for about $550. All indications are the build quality is tops and the implementation is elegant. This thing looks tough.

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