I love this custom cabinet I found on CampervanCulture.com. First of all, if you haven’t been to CampervanCulture.com, get over there and check out their vans. I love how this custom cabinet is open in the back. That way, when you open the rear hatch you can access everything inside. When the rear hatch is closed, the closet appears to be closed. Very nifty. Click through for another interior shot.

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This birch interior is custom made and apparently sold by sjhjoinery.com. Their website seems to be defunct, but I hope they are still selling these cabinets. They look great! Their website states:

Here is a 15mm birch ply full length cabinet, CNC cut in house these units are a great low cost unit but built with best quality materials and components. Comes with all fixtures and fittings to fit this into your bus.

All units are sanded and fully scribed to the bus, we work on these busses daily and have have fitted these into several vans to ensure a good fit.

Here is a nice Vanagon flooring job. This user from The Samba decided to rip out the carpet and add two color bamboo flooring to his van. He did a great job. Click through for another pic.

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I love when Vanagon owners come up with custom ideas. This van has custom upholstery that is Burberry-esque. It’s a homemade Syncro, but it has character. Click through for the pics.

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This door kit for the VW T25 (Vanagon) looks pretty good. You can pick up each panel separately, or buy the whole kit for approximately $165. You can give your van a fresh interior with this kit from JustKampers.com. They are located in the UK, but it could be worth the extra shipping depending on the condition of your interior.


Still looking for another place to add gauges in your Vanagon? How about right next to the stereo? I like the voltage meter right in front of the stick. All he needs how is another one for the auxiliary battery, or a switch that allows it to go back and forth from the main battery to the auxiliary.



The folks over at Texas Vanagons created this bench seat lock box. It looks like a perfect fit, but it was quite a process. Head on over to Texas Vanagons to see a very detailed walk through of how they created this. It’s perfect!


I’ve never been a fan of interiors where the cockpit is separated from the rest of the van, but this might be an exception. This interior looks gorgeous. I don’t know how you will get from front to back without going outside the van, but it’s still a nice idea. The custom cabinets add a touch of home and if you look at this pic long enough, you will discover lots of neat ideas for storage. Great job!


This custom interior actually has a door to the “cockpit” like an airplane. The wood countertop with sink and drawers is gorgeous. My favorite part of this interior however, is the wine rack. Can you see it? Gorgeous!

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This overlay for the instrument cluster is for a Volkswagen Golf, but why couldn’t we adapt it for a Vanagon? It is still available on eBay so it looks like you could pick it up today if you want. We’ve seen a lot of cluster conversions, but this is definitely the first one I’ve seen that features wood.

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