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This Vanagon owner did some work on his cluster. He added trim rings to the speedometer and tach and added blue LED backlighting. What a nice upgrade to the dash! Click through for a demo video of his installation.

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Vanagon owners know they have to make use of every bit of space. This Vanagon kitchen demonstrates a nice way to organize utensils and keep them out of the way. Nice job!


Want to replace your Vanagon’s front seats? This is a nice little upgrade that you can do on the cheap. The Samba user, kjono09, grabbed some Eurovan seats and installed them in a Syncro. They look nice, and even include a bar on the back where you can hang things. AND, the reclining feature is awesome!

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This hack comes courtesy of Chad DeRosa. Chad lives in his 1991 Vanagon Westy (by choice) and has come up with several hacks that we like. Because Chad lives in Washington, he has to battle the cold winters in his Vanagon. In order to survive the winter months, Chad needed a heating solution. He selected the Mr. Heater Big Buddy propane space heater. The Big Buddy runs on 1-lb propane cans, but Chad decided to hard wire his heater into his Westy’s propane tank. Hit the jump to see how he did it.

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This interior comes from a Vanagon that was listed on eBay’s UK site. It was listed with the title, “VW TRANSPORTER T5 CAMPER VAN / SURF VAN.” Are you kidding me? A surf van? I haven’t seen an interior like this since Drive Nacho Drive which we called the Ultimate Westy Interior. It looks like the eBay listing is no longer active, but someone is the lucky owner of an awesome interior.

Check out these custom Vanagon seat covers. They are listed on the website as seat covers, but they look like custom upholstery. If you look closely, you can see the match the door panels too. And check out the black interior walls. Awesome!

microwave in vanagon

What do you do when you want to re-heat your food while on the road? You install a microwave oven in your Vanagon, of course. Tom Boldway installed a 700 watt microwave in his van after his air conditioning stopped working. He decided to use the space above his bed for the microwave. If you don’t need air conditioning this works great. Get another pic and instructions after the jump.

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How would you like to add an inclinometer from an old 4-Runner to your Vanagon dashboard? The Samba user, Syncroincity, apparently pulled off the hack on his Vanagon. He has a lengthy post on The Samba about his Vanagon build, but unfortunately gives little details about his inclinometer. He repainted it so it now includes a Vanagon stencil on it, but gave no other details. He mounted it on the dash right behind the ash tray. It looks great! Click through to see one more pic.

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This Vanagon owner replaced his front seats with reclining seats. I wish I knew what kind of seats these were, but I saw them in passing in an Arizona Vanagon Owners forum. Nice job!

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This 1990 Vanagon Turbo Diesel is currently for sale for $21,000. It looks like a pretty nice van, but a look inside reveals serious thought in the dash board. If you look closely at these pictures, someone has fabricated a new cluster hood by combining 2 existing hoods so they could move the stereo. In place of the existing stereo they installed some rocker switches. Very slick!

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