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This interior looks brand new thanks to a nice upholstery job. The Samba user, kevtherev, posted the interior pics of his van. The headrests have been made to be solid, and everything matches perfectly in this vinyl interior. The door panels are new, and check out the leg rest behind the passenger’s seat. That’s the perfect place to relax!


Brad and Sheena own a Vanagon they call Nacho. They decided to quit their jobs and drive Nacho around the globe. They spent a lot of time customizing their Vanagon and as you can see, they have done quite a job. Brad designed a water filtration system that is insanely good. He uses UV lighting and a 0.2 micron filter to make sure no matter what water he puts in the Vanagon, it comes out clean at the tap. On top of that, Nacho has separate hot and cold water tanks. Click through to see how they did it.

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One of the best things you can do to your Vanagon is install GoWesty’s Auxiliary Battery Kit. Once you have that done, you might consider this battery hack we first got from Ken at Van Again. He put 3 batteries in parallel to get more amp hours out of the setup. We followed his lead and it works great. We used 3 Power Sonic 21ah batteries to get a total of 63ah.

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The Vanagon cigarette lighter is a quirky part of the van. It gets loose and easily breaks after repeated use. We have shown you how we strengthened our loose cigarette lighter plug, and we use USB adapters to charge our equipment, but Camp Westfalia has an even better idea. They have published a step by step guide to show you how to install a permanent 12 volt USB plug in place of the lighter. Click through for more.

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This custom interior was featured on GoWesty’s Flickr account as part of a contest. I love this interior. It is homey and obviously used. Whoever built this interior put a lot of TLC into it. Click through for another pic.

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So this Vanagon owner is proud of the way he removed the refrigerator to add more shelf space. You can see the diagram above. But what caught my eye was the magazine rack. I’ve never seen a magazine rack in a Vanagon before, but you can see it right behind the passenger’s seat. You can click through to see one more pick of this van with nothing in it.

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I love this custom cabinet I found on First of all, if you haven’t been to, get over there and check out their vans. I love how this custom cabinet is open in the back. That way, when you open the rear hatch you can access everything inside. When the rear hatch is closed, the closet appears to be closed. Very nifty. Click through for another interior shot.

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This birch interior is custom made and apparently sold by Their website seems to be defunct, but I hope they are still selling these cabinets. They look great! Their website states:

Here is a 15mm birch ply full length cabinet, CNC cut in house these units are a great low cost unit but built with best quality materials and components. Comes with all fixtures and fittings to fit this into your bus.

All units are sanded and fully scribed to the bus, we work on these busses daily and have have fitted these into several vans to ensure a good fit.

Here is a nice Vanagon flooring job. This user from The Samba decided to rip out the carpet and add two color bamboo flooring to his van. He did a great job. Click through for another pic.

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I love when Vanagon owners come up with custom ideas. This van has custom upholstery that is Burberry-esque. It’s a homemade Syncro, but it has character. Click through for the pics.

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