Talk about a cluster. I’m not sure how this was accomplished, but if you really want detailed information about your van, hook it up to a laptop. This thing apparently measures engine temp, RPM, manifold pressure and more. Very cool!

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Feb 20, 2017 | Category: Other People's Hacks


Here is another custom made Vanagon t-shirt. These are currently being sold on Etsy and they’re getting good reviews. It’s definitely an item for the Vanagon nut.

1980 – 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia Campmobile Vanagon Logo T Shirt. The Volkswagen Westfalia Campmobile Vanagon is a classic and highly sought after van. This T Shirt is made for all the VW nuts out there who love this van. These shirts are hand screen printed on New Gildan 100% cotton T Shirts.


I’ve never been a fan of interiors where the cockpit is separated from the rest of the van, but this might be an exception. This interior looks gorgeous. I don’t know how you will get from front to back without going outside the van, but it’s still a nice idea. The custom cabinets add a touch of home and if you look at this pic long enough, you will discover lots of neat ideas for storage. Great job!


This custom interior actually has a door to the “cockpit” like an airplane. The wood countertop with sink and drawers is gorgeous. My favorite part of this interior however, is the wine rack. Can you see it? Gorgeous!

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This overlay for the instrument cluster is for a Volkswagen Golf, but why couldn’t we adapt it for a Vanagon? It is still available on eBay so it looks like you could pick it up today if you want. We’ve seen a lot of cluster conversions, but this is definitely the first one I’ve seen that features wood.


There is a lot to love about this VW T25 Transporter pickup. The black body with white wheels has a certain character, and the eyelids over the headlights adds a nice touch. To fully appreciate this truck, click through to watch the video. When you hear them open up the engine, you will know what I mean. Very nice!

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Check out this custom interior. I have no idea who did this because there is no associated website, but I ran across these fantastic images. This van includes these custom cabinets with table. Click through to see more, including a utility drawer.

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Check out the interior on this otherwise normal looking baby blue camper. It has a very interested design on the ceiling and a flip down TV. Someone has also replaced the front seats. Wait til you see the cabinets. Click through to see more.

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Feb 01, 2017 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


Here is a hack that was sent in by its creator. He had a storage unit up top and didn’t want to spend the amount it would have cost for a ladder. Isn’t that usually the motivation for our hacks? He created a nice ladder of his own. He bought the materials and welded it together. The ladder is removable and there are no visible holes in the van.

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These custom made cup holders fit into the Vanagon ash tray. It holds 2 cups, and is made from plywood. They are made in the UK and available for about $30 US. Check them out here.

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