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This gorgeous high top Vanagon looks like it as been completely restored. New wheels, body kit, South African grill, paint job with stripes, and more make her a winner! I don’t know where this van is, but it appears to have european plates. Very nice!

Most Westy owners who carry bikes place them on the rear of the van. This Westy owner prefers the front bumper for his bikes. TheSamba user, a1fa , has a Yakima Bike Rack mounted on the front bumper instead of the back. He also has Yakima Box up top. Click through for another look at hi van.

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microwave in vanagon

What do you do when you want to re-heat your food while on the road? You install a microwave oven in your Vanagon, of course. Tom Boldway installed a 700 watt microwave in his van after his air conditioning stopped working. He decided to use the space above his bed for the microwave. If you don’t need air conditioning this works great. Get another pic and instructions after the jump.

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Oct 30, 2017 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

Anyone know what kind of wheels these are? They definitely caught my eye. This Westy has a lot going on with the South African grill, side ladder, rocket box, and the lowered stance, but the wheels are unique.


How would you like to add an inclinometer from an old 4-Runner to your Vanagon dashboard? The Samba user, Syncroincity, apparently pulled off the hack on his Vanagon. He has a lengthy post on The Samba about his Vanagon build, but unfortunately gives little details about his inclinometer. He repainted it so it now includes a Vanagon stencil on it, but gave no other details. He mounted it on the dash right behind the ash tray. It looks great! Click through to see one more pic.

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This Vanagon owner replaced his front seats with reclining seats. I wish I knew what kind of seats these were, but I saw them in passing in an Arizona Vanagon Owners forum. Nice job!

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This 1990 Vanagon Turbo Diesel is currently for sale for $21,000. It looks like a pretty nice van, but a look inside reveals serious thought in the dash board. If you look closely at these pictures, someone has fabricated a new cluster hood by combining 2 existing hoods so they could move the stereo. In place of the existing stereo they installed some rocker switches. Very slick!

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This side Vanagon kitchen setup looks like it fits perfectly behind the passenger’s seat. The sink appears below a flip top and likely has fresh and gray water tanks below. I would love to create this for my weekender!

Oct 12, 2017 | Category: @Our Hacks, Interior

We have referred to our streaming setup when we mounted the iPad, but we have never explained exactly what we have going on. We purchased this HooToo Travel Router and mounted it behind the Vanagon glove box. It is connected to a 500GB hard drive (or more recently a 256GB USB thumb drive). It allows us to load up the drive with movies and stream it to the iPad. Click through for more.

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The title of this post says it all. This user decided to make use of the rear cabinet to organize some tools. He even used the space under the cabinet for a pull out tool drawer. Click through for the full size pic.

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