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This gorgeous Vanagon has a fresh coat of paint and lots of accessories. I found it in the Vanagon Owners forum on Facebook. The owner, Ton Villano, says the color is called Orly blue. He has a solar panel sitting on his Yakima Sky Box and a South African front grill. Also of interest is a storage box on the back of the van, side ladder, and awning. All he needs now is a set of Go Westy wheels. I love this color!


This 1987 Syncro was recently on the market, but it sold. Somewhere this is a happy new owner out there. This Vanagon has been restored and is in fantastic condition. Everything is clean including the undercarriage. Click through for more pictures and a video walkthrough.


Check out this custom kitchen built with birch plywood. The Samba user Jens Brownstar posted these pics of his custom kitchen. He has enough slide out drawers to keep everything he needs including a stove, utensils, cooler (or toilet), and more. Click through for more pics.



We all know Vanagon are used for so many different tasks. We have seen Vanagon fire trucks, lunch wagons, dump trucks, ambulances, and more, but this is the first time I have come across a Vanagon school bus. This one has the right colors going on, and check out the signage and extra rear mounted flashing lights. Perfect.


This high top “Tigger” Vanagon is custom built and has been all over the world. She has lots of custom features including a diesel stovetop, side pop out window, and electric refrigerator. Click through for a video walk through of this adventure vehicle. The video is long, but worth watching.



If you have run out of easy mods for the Vanagon and are looking for something more challenging, check out this cable shifter mod. It makes shifting much smoother on the Vanagon but will require some real work. As you can see, there is no kit to cover the shifter so you would probably have to custom make one yourself. Click through for a couple of videos of this thing in action.



This 1987 Vanagon is not actually a Westy (I think). It is apparently a conversion, and I have to admit to being a little confused about its history. It appears to be a stock Vanagon that was going to be converted. They painted the van and installed the Westy interior. When they cut the hole for the pop top, they muffed it, and ended up created a rag top Vanagon with a Westy interior and luggage rack. So this hacked Westy is unique. Click through for more.



How would you like to have wood trim in your Vanagon? This guy has added wood to the dash, doors, and gear shift and it looks great. He has also re-upholstered his seats, added carpet and a South African steering wheel to complete his custom interior. Looks great!


This is definitely a first. A pink double cab Doka in all its glory.


This otherwise normal looking Doka truck has a cut out from the cab to the bed. I’ve never seen one of these before, but it looks like it may be used with a camper top. What do you think? Have you seen this before?


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