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May 21, 2018 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


This hack comes courtesy of user Hingis at The Samba. He replaced the ash tray on his 1989 Vanagon and replaced it with an in-dash GPS unit. Nice job. Now, who wants to see an in-dash iPad mini? Coming soon by VHacks.


This custom hitch was created by Vanagon owner, Kevin Jakey and it looks awesome. It is strong enough to hold a motorcycle and more. If you want to create a custom hitch like this, click here to read a detailed PDF file on the process.


May 14, 2018 | Category: Other People's Hacks

This custom keychain is perfect for the Vanagon fanatic. It is laser cut from 1/8″ thick 304SS. Keychains are tumble polished as a final finish. Check it out on Etsy.

This Assuan Brown Vanagon is unique in my experience. It was a popular color in the mid 1980’s, but I’ve never seen one with matching hubcaps. This Vanagon owner put the Assuan Brown hubcaps over white wheels and it looks great.



Vanagon owners come up with all kinds of hacks and mods to make their vans more usable. This is another hack from Chad of “Living the Van Life.” He has lived in his Vanagon for 3 years and has come up with a few useful improvements that he shares on his YouTube channel. One of the nice hacks Chad implemented is the mounted iPhone above his bed so he can watch videos at night. Click through to see how he did it.


This 1982 VW Vanagon Truck is for sale. It looks a bit run down, but it has a very nice custom cup holder console on the dash. You can’t see it very clearly in this picture, but click through for a better pic.


This is a very nicely kept single cab truck that was recently for sale. The seller calls it “restosturbish” (part restore, part refurbish). It has a 2.5L Subaru Impreza RS motor installed, custom A/C, Rebuilt 4 speed transmission with a KEP stage 2 clutch. It also includes new CV joints, brakes, master cylinder and clutch slave. I just love the roll cage and rear bed cover. Click through for more.


I wish I could find more information about this custom Vanagon cluster but there doesn’t seem to be any info available online. This owner created his own set of gauges for his van. Awesome!


This 1990 Vanagon Carat has a turbo diesel engine, but the interior is what caught my eye. The seats have been reupholstered in what appears to be leather (or vinyl) and it looks great. It completely changes the interior feel of the van. You can hit up for more pictures.


File this one under more Vanagon gauge placement ideas. This owner decided to put a couple of gauges in the A/C duct. What a perfect place to have them available, but out of the way. One thing is for sure, these gauges will never overheat.


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