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What can you say about this T3 Doka? It is definitely unique. The worn black with orange highlights make it ready for the off road. It could almost be considered a “Vanagon Buggy.”



This gorgeous orange Transporter has so many upgrades it’s hard to count them. The custom top, body kit, grill eyelid and wheels are just a few goodies to start. What about the custom side view mirrors? He has covered the rear windows and added some sort of vent to the sliding door. The clear turn signals and rain guards round out this orange beauty.


I just ran across this VW Doka double cab truck on the Twitter account of @DolphusRamseur
and it’s glorious! It looks like it has been completely restored as the paint looks fresh. Check out the South African grill and the black out wheels. If I owned this truck it would be my main ride.


This 1984 VW T25 was recently for sale in the UK. She is a Subaru conversion with an interesting two tone purple and white paint job. If you look closely you can see they painted the wheels purple too. All they need now is a new set of wheels to spruce her up, even if they go with the GoWesty rims. It looks like she sold for £6,650.00.


I ran across this little beauty on Facebook. These are supposedly white snake skin door panels for a Vanagon, and the rest of the interior has been restored to match. Click through to check it out.



What happens when a Vanagon owners loves his log cabin so much he wants the same door on his Vanagon? This van looks crazy, but you have to admire the spunk of the owner. He even added some wood paneling to the side panel to complete the look. Click through to see the interior.


This is an interesting story of Frye, who converted a 1986 Westy into a budget micro cabin in the woods. It has a very old cabin feel complete with a wood burning stove. This one offers a different view of what van life can be. Click through for the full video.



We have seen a few A-Team themed Vanagons. This one comes courtesy of This is probably the nicest one we’ve seen so far. If you check out the website, you can see this van from another angle.

This single cab Syncro truck was listed for sale but the listing has been removed. I’ve seen a lot of Two-tone paint jobs before but this one has an interesting take on the whole two-tone thing. Pretty cool! If it had a new set of wheels it would really knock it out of the park.

Check out this Syncro Passenger van with a very large roof rack. It looks like a beast. In addition to the roof rack with driving lights, she has large fog lights on the bumper and wheels that extend her stance out. She must feel very solid on the road. Oh, and the paint looks new! Click through for a walk through video.



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