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This hack comes courtesy of Rocky Mountain Westy who created aluminum window replacements for a client. These are not inserts that go behind the glass. These inserts replace the stock windows and fit perfectly into the factory seal. They are unfinished so you can paint to match your van. Very cool! Head on over to Rocky Mountain Westy to purchase these. They sell for $98.95 each.

This 1989 Syncro caught my eye. The rear bike storage looks to be custom. Instead of the bike racks you normally see on the rear hatch, this bike seems to be resting on a bar that comes out of a rear hitch as well as a swing arm on the back. Anyone know what this is?


Vanagon owners find all kinds of ways to create storage areas on the Vanagon. As you can see, this owner mounted a toolbox on the front bumper. This provides lots of room for tools that are out of the way until you need it. This will put some weight up front, but the Vanagon should be able to handle it.



What if you could get your sliding windows to open further back in the vanagon? This hack comes courtesy of The Samba user mzalac from Waikiki who reversed his sliding windows. There isn’t much to say about this hack other than, awesome!


If you’re looking for privacy while camping, check out this custom front screen wrap. GoWesty sells something similar, but these custom covers come from the UK. The best part is, they are black! You can find them at While you are there, check out the van they use to show off the wrap. Those wheels just complete the package.

Check out this awesome rear bumper from Rocky Mountain Westy. The Twin Peaks Bumper comes with an integrated step and 2″ receiver hitch. The bumper is made of heavy duty 12-gauge plate that is hand welded. It is powder coated for a long lasting finish. Check it out at Rocky Mountain Westy.

I just love Vanagon owners who get crafty with their van. The Samba user, Sodo, has posted pictures of the front motorcycle rack he created for his van. It is bolted to the flange of the Vanagon frame and appears to be very strong. If you have the skills, check out how he did it. You can make one for yourself!


If this thing is real, there is a lot to love. The description says it’s a VW T3 1A Doka Dreierkabine 115PS. The short bed with cover looks great, especially when it matches the roof rack. The wheels with red trim and white walls just complete the retro look.


This white T3 Vanagon has an odd looking roof. It appears to be a low profile pop top that looks slightly homemade. Does anyone know what kind of pop top this is? Let me know in the comments. She also has a very large front bumper guard. If you popped some Porsche wheels on her she would look a lot better.


I can’t think of too many vans with better front protection than this guy. The otherwise stock looking Vanagon appears to be able to mow down a forest full of trees!


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