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Big Bang 2003

This custom VW T3 is to die for, isn’t it? The paint job is perfect, and check out the body kit. They have completely redone the front grill area. Where are the headlights? They are apparently behind the dark plexi. This thing is dropped way down there and has so many nice touches. The side view mirrors are gorgeous, and check out the tip of the hat to Mercedes with the single windshield wiper. They have even relocated the turn signal lights. I also love the placement of the driving lights below. That mod has been in the list for my van for years. Click through for another pic.



If you don’t like your Vanagon seats you can always opt for the popular Recaro seats. The problem is, they are expensive. Check out the way The Samba user Dingchowping hacked some Porsche 911 seats into his Vanagon. He says, “The setup is pretty straightforward, using the stock sliders bolted to a pair of steel cross members, which are bolted to the seat rails. There are no permanent cuts or welds so everything is reversible.” Click through for a full pic.


Nov 09, 2020 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

This 1989 VW T25 High Top camper is named Daisy. She has been fully restored and includes a brand new interior. As you can see in the pictures, the interior features new upholstery and cabinets. This van looks brand new! Daisy was listed for sale in 2019 but there is no update to indicate whether or not it sold. Click through to check out this perfect van.


Nov 05, 2020 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

There is a lot to like about this van, but the red wheels caught my eye first. The red accent that matches the stripe and the front VW logo really make the van. I could do without the orange lights in the front grill. If those were clear this van would look a lot better in my opinion. Either way, she has a lot to offer. Check out the roof rack with the driving lights. Click through to see a video walk through of this one.



I found a couple of nice hacks by Samba user Keyport Westy today. The dash on this 1986 Westy has been enhanced and is awesome! The wood panel ties in with the steering wheel and the painted surfaces just look fantastic. Wait until you see the matching door panel.


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Here is a nifty idea from some experienced Vanagon travelers. Add extra locks to the exterior of the Vanagon. It’s extreme for sure, but they were apparently victims of a random car bomb and take security seriously. This hack comes from the folks at Drive Nacho Drive which we have featured before. These locks come from Home Depot and provide an extra layer of protection against would be thieves.



Vanagon owners love additional gauges, and we all have different ideas about where they should go. We’ve posted a few Vanagon gauge placement ideas before, but here is another one. These gauges are angled, and look pretty good from the driver’s seat, but click through to see how they look from above. You may not like it.




This 1987 Transporter was for sale recently in Germany. It’s an average van with an interesting paint job, and it says “Catch the Wave” on the roof. I have no idea what that means, but it’s an interesting van none the less. The interior is different than the standard Westys we’re accustomed to in the states. You won’t find the rear closet in this van. Click through to see more of this van.


This ashtray mounted volt meter, USB port, and level looks pretty slick. We have seen other ashtray mods, but this one adds a level. Very handy for those who may living in their vans. It’s another ingenious product by uniWerks Design. You can purchase these in brown or black, and any combination of power ports, volt meter, and level. Check out uniWerks Design for more info.


Here is an interesting product I found in Australia. It’s a set of cup holders that hook into the Vanagon ash tray. It’s not hard to figure this one out, so I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before. There are a couple more pictures after the jump.


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