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This double cab VW truck is gorgeous, and it has a gorgeous wood bed to match. It also has dual chrome tipped exhaust, a new paint job, and nice spoke wheels. I want one!

This is a nice kitchen pod for a non-camper if you don’t mind giving up the pass through to the front seat. It looks very well made and perfect for someone looking to squeeze a lot into a small package.



I don’t have much to say about this pic besides whuuut? This looks like a fifth wheel hitch on a double cab Vanagon truck. It almost certainly operates as a car carrier. Awesome.



I just ran across this photo on The Samba. The caption simply says, “John’s custom interior.” This is such a fantastic idea I’m wondering why no one else has thought of it. He created custom slide out storage for the kitchen just behind the driver’s seat. This custom slider holds a burner set up top, and storage below. Awesome!

I’ve seen this Vanagon online for quite awhile now, but I never noticed the outdoor shower hookups. Awesome! They nestled the hookup right next to all the other ports on the outside of the van. If you didn’t know any better you’d have to say it looks stock. Apparently this van was listed on eBay for $70,000. Yikes.


This 1987 Westy got a serious overhaul of the rear cabinets. It looks like they created a much larger rear cabinet and an extra seat next to the stovetop. Could there be a toilet in there? Unfortunately, there is no information about this interior. Looks good though. Click through for more.



If you have a passenger Vanagon, but need a camper, you can certainly use creativity to accomplish what you want. This guy decided to customize his interior using a custom bed and plastic drawers. The bed flips up to provide lots of storage, and plastic drawers fill out the rest of his storage needs. Click through to see the interior up close.


This interior idea comes courtesy of The owner removed the refrigerator and opted for a top loading Dometic fridge that sits behind the passenger seat. This allowed them to create a large drawer under the stovetop. Nice job!



This van is spectacular, but it wasn’t always that way. tim9768 on Tumblr built this thing from the ground up and his work is impressive. Click through to see exactly what he did. You can also see a “before” pic.


You don’t have to have a camper to camp in a Vanagon. YouTube user, Kirt Fitzpatrick, built his own custom doorway kitchen, in a non-camper, complete with a stove, water sprayer, swing-out table, and drawers. The build looks great and his video is oddly interesting. He does a complete cooking demo and shows you how he uses his kitchen while camping. Check it out.


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