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Check out this tricolor VW T3 pop-top. It has a black top with yellow and green below. I’m not in love with the painted bumpers, but it looks interesting. If you look closely, it appears this ride has leather seats in the front. The wheels round it out very well. Where can I get a set of those wheels?

This Vanagon owner decided not to take the easy way out by ordering a GoWesty bumper. Vanagon owner, Troy Smith, instead decided to make his own bumper. According to the description on Flickr, he plans to make a new swing away bike rack system. Click through for another pic.



How’s this stainless steel custom Vanagon kitchen? Samba user wildenbeast says it was custom made with oak and stainless steel. He has a propex heater in the bottom box and cork flooring. Click through to get a better shot of his stovetop.



All Vanagons in the US come with the same stock steering wheel. When my steering wheel was loose, I ordered a stock replacement on eBay and replaced it. Many Vanagon owners want something better than the stock wheel however. There aren’t many turnkey solutions out there except the South African wheel. When Volkswagen stopped manufacturing the Vanagon in Germany in 1992, production was moved to South Africa. The South African vana leather steering wheel pictured above. If you’ve got a spare $430 you can pick one up from Van Cafe. GoWesty used to sell them too, but they appear to be out of stock. If you’re game you can adapt a variety of steering wheels for use in your van. Click through to see a few examples.



This nice hack provides an accessory plug in the side passenger air vent. The guy who made this mod wanted to run exterior lights for his awning without tripping over wires. It is on the ceiling so it’s out of the way and does the job just right. He doesn’t say how he made it, but click through for another pic.



Tim and Emily are on the road with their custom Westy they call “Chimera.” Taking a page from “Drive Nacho Drive,” the couple built their custom interior with Colorado beetle kill pine wood. Their interior features loads of counter space, a custom sink, and slide a slide out shelf. The pictures tell the story on this one, so click through to see more.


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After adding a sunroof modification to his Vanagon, Samba user narendra.vw could no longer use the A/C duct. He decided to modify the A/C vents to create some extra storage space.

I think I would rather have air conditioning in my Vanagon, but this is an interesting hack.



The creativity of Vanagon owners never ceases to amaze me. Check out this Vanagon semi-truck. The image name was “gooseneck” so perhaps that’s her name. This is one of the craziest hacks I’ve ever seen. I don’t know anything about it, but just happened to run across it on The Samba. All Vanagon owners should just sit back and admire the creativity!


Big Bang 2003

This custom VW T3 is to die for, isn’t it? The paint job is perfect, and check out the body kit. They have completely redone the front grill area. Where are the headlights? They are apparently behind the dark plexi. This thing is dropped way down there and has so many nice touches. The side view mirrors are gorgeous, and check out the tip of the hat to Mercedes with the single windshield wiper. They have even relocated the turn signal lights. I also love the placement of the driving lights below. That mod has been in the list for my van for years. Click through for another pic.



If you don’t like your Vanagon seats you can always opt for the popular Recaro seats. The problem is, they are expensive. Check out the way The Samba user Dingchowping hacked some Porsche 911 seats into his Vanagon. He says, “The setup is pretty straightforward, using the stock sliders bolted to a pair of steel cross members, which are bolted to the seat rails. There are no permanent cuts or welds so everything is reversible.” Click through for a full pic.


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