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The center console is such a challenge for Vanagon owners because of the position of the shifter. It’s simply too close to the dash to get any meaningful console to fit. Here is an example of a DIY center console by some guy named Leon. Featured on Vanagonauts, this console provides lots of room for your food and drinks. This hack is especially interesting because the shifter had to be moved back about 8 inches to make it fit. Yikes! Click through for another pic.




Vanagon owners are very familiar with making the most out of the limited space in a van. We can find all sort of nooks and crannies to store our junk. Although the Vanagon Westy comes with several cabinets, it is not always easy to fit everything you need into them. Check out this Vanagon spice cabinet by Rhino Design Studio. It’s a replacement door for your back cabinet that includes shelves for spices. What a perfect way to make more room for your knick knacks. Click through to see a real life example in action.



Check out this wood console for the Vanagon courtesy of Modgrain. We don’t have a picture of it installed, but we’re assuming it goes on the floor between the front seats. It provides 2 drink holders and easy access to the back seat area.



Our Mods, Fixes, Hacks

Feb 13, 2007 | Category:


We’ve done a lot to our Vanagon so far. There was a lot of cleanup and changing of bulbs but here’s a little list of things we’ve accomplished so far. We wanted the van to retain a stock look and feel, but we’ve added a lot of goodies and accessories.

Our list of mods, fixes, and hacks, follows below, but you can also check out the category, @Our Hacks from the right menu at anytime.


Our most popular hacks and mods (Best mods for the Vanagon)


Other Mods, Fixes, Hacks

  • New Tint and alarm
  • Replaced Steering wheel
  • Fixed steering wheel noise
  • Installed sliding door molding
  • Fixed power locks
  • Fixed Table height
  • Replaced all bulbs and dome lights
  • Painted hub cabs
  • Installed rear wiper cleaning fluid cap
  • Installed and fabricated new carpet from Walmart ($22) – Hack
  • Steam cleaned interior, twice
  • Fixed map light and lighter
  • Added front Bra
  • Fixed A/C housing on ceiling
  • Fixed triangle window on driver’s side
  • Bought new jack storage bag from GoWesty
  • Fixed Shifter lights
  • Fixed Dash lights
  • Installed new Bilstein Shocks
  • Removed lowering springs and installed stock springs
  • Remove rear heater for storage
  • Installed 2nd battery kit from Go Westy – Hack
  • Rebuilt Transmission and differential
  • Ordered new Keys
  • Replaced rear middle headrest
  • Fixed gas tank seal to repair leaky gas tank
  • Installed new larger wipers from Go Westy
  • New wiper caps
  • Installed headlight kit from Go Westy
  • Repaird cigarette Lighter Light
  • Installed new Sony Stereo
  • Fixed Power Steering Pump Leak
  • Fixed Oil leak through plug
  • New thermostat and fan switch
  • New radiator
  • Big Brake Kit
  • Installed 1100 watt inverter
  • Re-sealed driver’s and passenger’s windows
  • Engine Compartment reseal
  • Installed battery charging system under seat to charge both batteries – Hack


To Do…

  • Paint
  • Customize a console
  • Install new carpet kit



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