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Many Vanagon owners make their own door panels for their vans. We have featured several of them here. If you’re not one who wants to work at it, you can purchase after market door panels for the Vanagon. Check out They have a variety of solutions for Vanagons.


The title pretty much says it all. This quilted leather door panel looks great and it’s not that hard to do. Create your new door panels then simply drape the fake leather over it. Looks great!



This 1989 red and black Doka is in great shape. This double cab sports diamond plated door panels that match the rear bed. If you look closely in the picture above, you can see the diamond plated foot step matches too. The theme of this truck is red and black with steel bumpers and running rods. It also sports semi side view mirrors. We’ve seen quite a few of those lately. Click through for more pics.



These wood door panels are on the same Vanagon we featured the other day. This owner loved lights and switches, and he apparently liked wood too. The entire entire is outfitted with wood, including the ceiling. Very interesting.


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This door panel is from a normal looking Syncro. They probably created a custom door panel because the original panels become warped over time. All Vanagon owners have warped door panels. Although I’d rather have fabric on my door panels, this is a nice alternative.


We have seen wood door panels before, but here is another implementation. If you are good with wood you can outfit your old Vanagon with all sorts of goodies. Here is an example of wood panels for the sliding door and the rear hatch. You will have to click through to see the rest. This guy also made a nifty little front compartment near the shifter.



Vanagon door panels are famous for hot holding up over time. They take a beating, and they also warp quite easily. One Vanagon owner restored his door panels himself. He took the panels off and stripped them down to the masonite. He then traced them onto sheets of 1/8? luan plywood. He wrapped the panels with 1/16th foam and a light cream colored vinyl. Click through to see more.


This door kit for the VW T25 (Vanagon) looks pretty good. You can pick up each panel separately, or buy the whole kit for approximately $165. You can give your van a fresh interior with this kit from They are located in the UK, but it could be worth the extra shipping depending on the condition of your interior.


Many Vanagon’s door panels tend to warp over time. No matter how meticulously you care for your Vanagon, the door panels tend to bend and warp. Some Vanagon shops sell after market door panels, but they tend to be plastic and they don’t match very well. This Vanagon owner took matters into his own hands and created his own door panel out of wood. Not bad!


This 1986 double cab Syncro utility truck has been completely redone. It is located in NJ and is listed on The owner advertises it as having two lockers. One is obviously up top and there is also a lower locker. Click through for more pictures.


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