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We previously named a Vanagon the junk yard dog, but this one seems to fit the bill even more. This Syncro sports the kind of rustic body work that gives it character. The large wheels and tires are just the beginning on this one. Check out the front grill protection. And what about that roof rack with the driving lights attached. This van would actually look worse with a new paint job. The aesthetic definitely screams junk yard dog!


Is this another junk yard dog? This van has a lot going on doesn’t it? The front guard looks like it’s wrapped in foam. She’s got mounted driving lights and a lot of gear riding on the roof. This is definitely a hippy van!


This 1980 Subaru conversion is a unique find. It could easily be added to the Vanagons we’ve named “Junk Yard Dogs. This truck was for sale in Oregon, and is now archived on Barn Finds. This is definitely a homemade truck with lots of character. Just check out the wood side panels on the bed. She is dropped and sports a Subaru conversion. The engine is actually exposed in the back, so click through to see how its done.



I’m not sure why, but I think this one should be called the “Junk Yard Dog.” This guy is not interested in fancy paint or pristine anything. He wants the baddest Vanagon on the planet to get the job done. I just love this Vanagon! Everything about it just screams “Junk Yard Dog.” Look at the size of those wheels. What about the front bumper? Even the paint job screams “junk yard.” Click through for a few more pics.



This van could almost qualify as a junk yard dog, but it has blacked out Porsche wheels. How is that possible? Without the wheels this one would be a beater, but the rims definitely take it up a notch. This van was listed for sale in 2016. Click through for more.



What do you do when your paint job isn’t floating your boat anymore? You put stickers all over the back of your Vanagon. This VW could almost qualify for the title of Junk Yard Dog, but we’ve already given out that name. This one could be called The Sticker Vanagon. Click through to see the front.



Curtains or drapes can make your Vanagon feel more like a home. After all, cars don’t have drapes but most homes do. Vanagon Westfalia campers came stock with tracks for curtains but no such options are available for non-camper Vanagons. Adding curtains or drapes to a non-camper Vanagons is no easy task, and perfect solutions do not exist. There are a couple of aftermarket solutions that work if you are willing to do the work yourself. Click through to check out the options.


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