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GoWesty and Van Cafe sell the Rhino Design Studio Center Console for Vanagons. One customer decided the console would make a nice place for a subwoofer, and he set out to make his dream happen. The results are quite nice as he hacked up that console very well. The best part is he published a step by step guide on how he did it. Click through to see how he did it.



Check out this wood console for the Vanagon courtesy of Modgrain. We don’t have a picture of it installed, but we’re assuming it goes on the floor between the front seats. It provides 2 drink holders and easy access to the back seat area.



Here’s a nice console I ran across at The Samba. I wonder if this guy would consider making these and selling them?

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Feb 13, 2007 | Category: @Our Hacks, Accessories, Interior

I bought a center console from Wal-Mart which appears to be the same one that GoWesty sells for $100. I paid $39 or so. I popped it in the van but it wasn’t very stable…so we added some weight to the bottom.





This 1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia by Eric Rankin looks as good as new. In fact, it looks better than new. With a gorgeous paint job, custom wheels, and custom upholstery, this one is to die for.

Things done to this vanagon:

  • All chrome, (bumpers, window trim, etc.) painted black.
  • Two-tone paint. (1963 VW Turquoise and Snow White)
  • Custom Ronal 16”x8” “Joker” wheels painted Snow White.
  • VDO gauge cluster with tach, temp, oil & volt gauges.
  • Wet Okole neoprene seat and bench covers.
  • Kenwood stereo with Serius-enabled tuner and iPod hookup.
  • Secondary house battery with charging relay.
  • Center Console storage for Absorber, binoculars, pens, paper.
  • Custom Sunbrella fabric curtains, pillows and dash cover.
  • Split-cushion rear portion of lower bed (for easy storage).
  • Bamboo floormat from Bali. Beanbag ottoman from Tijuana.
  • Yackima roof rack with artificial gutter mounts.
  • Slide-out hitch receiver and tilt-up rear storage rack.
  • 2 folding bikes stowed on storage rack.

    Click through to see more pictures and a very nice custom interior!


  • This 1982 VW Vanagon Truck is for sale. It looks a bit run down, but it has a very nice custom cup holder console on the dash. You can’t see it very clearly in this picture, but click through for a better pic.



    We’ve featured several of Shooftie’s hacks here at, and this is another good one. If you haven’t been to the Shooftie Blog, check it out for some very serious Vanagon hacks! This one is a Propex heater installation in the front of the van. We’ve seen several installations in the rear cabinets, but Shooftie placed his heater inside a center console. Click through for more pics.



    This 1987 Transporter was for sale recently in Germany. It’s an average van with an interesting paint job, and it says “Catch the Wave” on the roof. I have no idea what that means, but it’s an interesting van none the less. The interior is different than the standard Westys we’re accustomed to in the states. You won’t find the rear closet in this van. Click through to see more of this van.


    South Africa Vanagon-Caravelle 1

    South African VW Van fans are so lucky. VW kept making the Vanagon (aka T3) in South Africa long after the US production was halted. Check out some of the upgrades you get with this South Africa Caravelle Vanagon Kombi. For starters, it has larger side windows and an exterior air intake scoop. Click through to see the interior upgrades.


    Mar 18, 2015 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


    We have seen so many different flooring options for the Vanagon including tile, wood, carpet, rubber, and more. This is the first time I’ve seen an area rug covering the entire back area. Unfortunately, the original owner of this van no longer has their website up so we can’t see more pics. If you look closely they have some kind of large center console going on and the standard fire extinguisher placement.



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