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Here is an interesting product I found in Australia. It’s a set of cup holders that hook into the Vanagon ash tray. It’s not hard to figure this one out, so I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before. There are a couple more pictures after the jump.


For those who are looking for a way to mount a stereo that may not fit in the dashboard, this might be an option for you. If you click through to see the second picture, you will see there are air vents in the place where the Vanagon stereo usually resides. Although this mount looks stock, it can be easily fabricated to fit your van. It could also be used to mount a CB radio.


Oct 08, 2020 | Category: Other People's Hacks


These headlight guards fit Vanagons from 1979 to 1991. You can find them on eBay’s UK site for £38.50. If you’ve got a Syncro that you routinely take into the wilderness, these may save your headlights. Click through for another pic.


This 1987 VW Westy is listed for sale on The description describes the interior as “one-of-a-kind custom ‘TECA’ interior.” It goes on to say the “hard to find TECA interior is highly sought-after because it gives an extra seat and TONS more closet space.” You can decide for yourself how highly sought-after this interior would be, but the closet space does look good. Click through for more pictures.



I know nothing about this interior or who create it, but it is possibly the nicest interior I’ve ever seen. I ran across this one on Pinterest and I would love more pics. If you know where this was taken please contact us immediately.


Check out this custom leather covered dash with center console. The console is wide, and features VW Golf III instruments. It also has extra VDO gauges along the right side. The Momo gear shifter and steering wheel make the cockpit look modern.



This custom Vanagon window storage box looks like a great idea. Transporter Werks in North Carolina has the box listed on their website as pre-order. Unfortunately, the page on their website that features it is down at the moment. Look for it in the future here.


Our most popular hack to date is our outside bottle opener. We get the most comments on it by far. Many other Vanagon owners have other ideas on where to place their bottle openers. This one is mounted on the side pillar. Click through to see several more.


This 1982 air cooled camper van is sitting somewhere in the UK. Recenty for sale, it features two vents/moonroofs sitting on a black top. It has a unique look with the blacktop on a white van so all she needs now is blacked out wheels. Click through to see the crazy leather seats the owner installed.



This yellow 1990 double cab pick up looks awesome in yellow with its 18 inch black Audi wheels. This 1600 Turbo diesel has a 5 speed manual stick, and rear roll bars. It also features a front roof rack. This truck has been lowered, features Saab front seats and a Golf steering wheel. Need I say more? Too bad it was recently sold. All we can do now is admire it from a distance. Click through for more pics.



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