If you would like to bring your Vanagon into the 21st century you can install this plasma gauge set. The upgrade gives you backlit gauges in your cluster for improved visibility. The set is currently sold out, but keep an eye out because these look great! Click through to see more pics.


With improved gauge clarity for both appearance and safety, this gauge face kit has been developed to bring your T3/Vanagon gauges up to date and in line with modern vehicles. By providing back-lighted style characters and illuminated needles, we are now able to outfit our T3s/Vanagons with safer, easier to read gauge faces similar to what you see on current vehicles. All of this while maintaining the traditional T3/Vanagon appearance. The backlighted characters reduce the glare on the actual gauge faces making them very easy to read at a glance. You no longer need to turn up the original direct lighting (which causes potentially dangerous reflections on the windshield at night) in order to see the characters clearly. With the LED lighted needles, this new system provides full gauge clarity unmatched by any stock Vanagon system.




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