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We have seen several Vanagon trailers where the owner cuts off a chunk of the front end and uses the rest of the van as a trailer. What would happen if someone used the entire van as the trailer? Here you have it. This van showed up at several European shows a few years ago. It looks like they have removed the front wheels to use the entire van as the trailer.

We’ve seen Vanagon ambulances before. This one comes from Brussels Belgium. It is a fully loaded ambulance that has an original odometer reading of just 54.340 Km. Click through to see the interior.


Talk about a hack. This 1985 Vanagon has been customized to be a “Doka Clone.” It is currently for sale in California and has 163,000 miles on it. Everything works except the custom air conditioning. The description says, “VW 1985 Vanagon GL 1.9L CUSTOM, ” DOUBLE CAB DOKA CLONE “. My Grandfathers last custom vehicle. It has a 1.9L motor that was rebuilt in mid 2015 and now has only 30,000 miles on it. It’s in excellent running condition, and always maintained on mileage schedule. All the lights work perfect. The tires are at 85%. CUSTOM ADDED AC UNIT IS NON WORKING”. AC can be used if the AC pumps added again.”


This 1984 Leisuredrive Kamper T25 looks great! It’s white with blue stripes and appears to be in pretty good shape. The interior leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still a great ride. It is currently for sale in the UK. Have a look.


Is this the best Vanagon build ever? It certainly could be. There is so much to say about this Vanagon we could literally build an entire website around it. Luckily, someone already has. This is a fantastic build with so many mods and hacks it’s ridiculous. Just look at the picture above and admire the multitude of accessories, new bumpers, storage, etc., etc. The paint is new and she’s ready for the road. Click through to see the interior.


This 1984 VW truck looks like it started as a Vanagon. The middle of the van has been removed with the rear vent pushed up against the front. The rear of the Vanagon has been removed to turn this into a truck of sorts. The seller is seeking $4800 for this unique vehicle.


How’s this for a gorgeous VW Doka T3 camper? The camper says “Road Ranger” on it, but it looks homemade. This camper is very well put together and has a unique look. Everything matches, and the whitewall tires on the classic wheels add a lot to its beauty. I like the semi-truck side view mirrors too!

The camper has a lot of windows and a roof rack for luggage. Great job!

Check out this party doka that is posted on The Samba. Their website seems to be out of commission so I can’t tell if it is for rent, but it’s an interesting use of a VW Doka. She has a table and booth seats on the back with speakers above. Very cool. Click through for another pic.


mobile clinic

It looks like they use the South African T3 Vanagons as mobile clinics. These pictures come courtesy of TheSamba user Fig. Click through to see another pic.


This double decker Westy appeared on Craigslist in San Francisco. Very cool.

For sale I have my Vanagon Syncro AWD double deck westfalia custom made for Donald Trump. It has served us well, we take it to the north pole every year for vacation. We are looking for a newer vehicle that can accommodate my family. This vanagon has an updated engine conversion to a Ferrari Formula One, V12 engine twin turbo (it takes 100 octane super premium gas and it gives an amazing 3 miles to the gallon). It also comes with its own nuclear plant (new Mr. Fusion just installed by GoWesty) and a new flux capacitor. I’ll accept trades, what do you have? I might take your house in Los Gatos or Palo Alto.

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