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Food Trucks and lunch wagons are hot right now and the Vanagon is not to be left out. The Borco-Höhns Verkaufswagen has not hit the states, but there are several variations overseas. Le Cabu is a mobile cafe in Germany, and I wish he could pull up in my neighborhood.

Le Cabu has a surfboard on top as the signage, and it looks like he has a solar panel above the cab to recharge his batteries. Inside, he has everything you need to run your cafe. More images after the jump.




The Pinzgauer is a high-mobility all-terrain military vehicle that comes in 4WD and 6WD flavors. These vehicles are for people with extreme adventure needs. The Pinzgauer is not a camper, but some people have decided to “camperize” their Pinzgauer. This guy figured out a way to fuse his Vanagon onto his Pinz. Not bad! Click through to see another pop-top Pinzgauer.



Who knew Porsche actually built a custom Vanagon? According to Car Build Index, Porsche customized a few of these rare 1985 VW Porsche B32s as support vehicles for the Paris to Dakar Rally. These rare Vanagons were 3.2 liter flat 6 cylinder vans. You have to see the interior of this van. Click through for more.



One of the favorite themes of Vanagon owners is the famous Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. We’ve seen a lot of Mystery Machines, and a several food trucks, but this is the first high top Mystery Machine themed food truck we’ve seen. Click through to see more of this gorgeous van. Whoever owns this van has taken the first class route with special attention to details.




At first glance this 1985 T25 looks like a camo painted truck right? We’ve seen several of those before. This one is beefy looking with custom wheels, black tailgates, and a front grill protector. The most interesting thing about this truck however, is the 3.5ltr V8 inside. Click through for more pics and a video.



This read truck looks like a stock double cab Vanagon, but looks can be deceiving. We’ve seen this beauty before, but I just ran across more high quality photos from VW Vortex that are worth a second look. This first rate Vanagon to truck conversion would make every Vanagon fan drool. Click through for many more pictures.



Check out this unique VW camper. It looks like it’s sitting on a double cab Doka, and it has a lot to offer. It’s a seriously high-top camper with lots of extras. Just check out the large awning that provides lots of shade. This camper has solar panels on the roof, electronic parking aids, and air suspension. The website says its powered by a 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine.


Here is a guy who is serious about his LPG tank. He purchased a VW T25 1.9 Caravelle 78ps High Top Camper and decided to work it over. He’s done quite a bit of work on it. This LPG tank installation caught my eye. It fits behind the front seats and he created a bench with cushions to hide it. Click through for more.



This Syncro truck has a nice rear camper on the back complete with an awning. Most of these look unappealing compared to a full Westy camper, but click through for some nice interior pics. These guys know how to do camping right!


What can you say about this T3 Doka? It is definitely unique. The worn black with orange highlights make it ready for the off road. It could almost be considered a “Vanagon Buggy.”


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