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I’ve seen this Vanagon online for quite awhile now, but I never noticed the outdoor shower hookups. Awesome! They nestled the hookup right next to all the other ports on the outside of the van. If you didn’t know any better you’d have to say it looks stock. Apparently this van was listed on eBay for $70,000. Yikes.



If you have a passenger Vanagon, but need a camper, you can certainly use creativity to accomplish what you want. This guy decided to customize his interior using a custom bed and plastic drawers. The bed flips up to provide lots of storage, and plastic drawers fill out the rest of his storage needs. Click through to see the interior up close.


You don’t have to have a camper to camp in a Vanagon. YouTube user, Kirt Fitzpatrick, built his own custom doorway kitchen, in a non-camper, complete with a stove, water sprayer, swing-out table, and drawers. The build looks great and his video is oddly interesting. He does a complete cooking demo and shows you how he uses his kitchen while camping. Check it out.



We have seen similar vehicles before, but this is definitely rare. This Mercedes Unimog 416 vehicle is insane. It has a Vanagon caper on its back, and can get you to places no other vehicle could go. It is listed on Craigslist for $45,000. Is it worth it? Click through for more pics.



The first time I saw a stretch Vanagon I was blown away, but it is actually more common than you might think. A number of people have “stretched” the Vanagon by welding two of them together. We’ve seen the Vanalong, this Go Long, Vanagon Limo, and the Coyote Shuttle. This 1981 Vanagon stretch is a bit rough, but when you read the story of how Kyle Guthrie welded two Vanagons together and took a road trip while the weld was still warm, you realize just how special these are.



This thing looks awesome doesn’t it? It’s another extended dually double cab Doka truck. I found it on The Samba but there was only one picture. I sure wish someone would post more pics of this truck.

Check out this seemingly normal VW T3. The video is entitled, “Airride” and appears to be a hydraulic installation with airbags of some sort. I’d love to know more.

We’ve seen a lot of dropped VW Vanagons, but this may be the lowest drop yet. This thing has hydraulics to drop it so it can likely go back up when it wants to. Check out how low this thing can go. It looks like it’s touching the ground.



We have seen several Vanagon trailers where the owner cuts off a chunk of the front end and uses the rest of the van as a trailer. What would happen if someone used the entire van as the trailer? Here you have it. This van showed up at several European shows a few years ago. It looks like they have removed the front wheels to use the entire van as the trailer.

We’ve seen Vanagon ambulances before. This one comes from Brussels Belgium. It is a fully loaded ambulance that has an original odometer reading of just 54.340 Km. Click through to see the interior.


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