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We’ve done a lot to our Vanagon so far. There was a lot of cleanup and changing of bulbs but here’s a little list of things we’ve accomplished so far. We wanted the van to retain a stock look and feel, but we’ve added a lot of goodies and accessories.

Our list of mods, fixes, and hacks, follows below, but you can also check out the category, @Our Hacks from the right menu at anytime.


Our most popular hacks and mods (Best mods for the Vanagon)


Other Mods, Fixes, Hacks

  • New Tint and alarm
  • Replaced Steering wheel
  • Fixed steering wheel noise
  • Installed sliding door molding
  • Fixed power locks
  • Fixed Table height
  • Replaced all bulbs and dome lights
  • Painted hub cabs
  • Installed rear wiper cleaning fluid cap
  • Installed and fabricated new carpet from Walmart ($22) – Hack
  • Steam cleaned interior, twice
  • Fixed map light and lighter
  • Added front Bra
  • Fixed A/C housing on ceiling
  • Fixed triangle window on driver’s side
  • Bought new jack storage bag from GoWesty
  • Fixed Shifter lights
  • Fixed Dash lights
  • Installed new Bilstein Shocks
  • Removed lowering springs and installed stock springs
  • Remove rear heater for storage
  • Installed 2nd battery kit from Go Westy – Hack
  • Rebuilt Transmission and differential
  • Ordered new Keys
  • Replaced rear middle headrest
  • Fixed gas tank seal to repair leaky gas tank
  • Installed new larger wipers from Go Westy
  • New wiper caps
  • Installed headlight kit from Go Westy
  • Repaird cigarette Lighter Light
  • Installed new Sony Stereo
  • Fixed Power Steering Pump Leak
  • Fixed Oil leak through plug
  • New thermostat and fan switch
  • New radiator
  • Big Brake Kit
  • Installed 1100 watt inverter
  • Re-sealed driver’s and passenger’s windows
  • Engine Compartment reseal
  • Installed battery charging system under seat to charge both batteries – Hack


To Do…

  • Paint
  • Customize a console
  • Install new carpet kit



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