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Talk about a hack. This 1985 Vanagon has been customized to be a “Doka Clone.” It is currently for sale in California and has 163,000 miles on it. Everything works except the custom air conditioning. The description says, “VW 1985 Vanagon GL 1.9L CUSTOM, ” DOUBLE CAB DOKA CLONE “. My Grandfathers last custom vehicle. It has a 1.9L motor that was rebuilt in mid 2015 and now has only 30,000 miles on it. It’s in excellent running condition, and always maintained on mileage schedule. All the lights work perfect. The tires are at 85%. CUSTOM ADDED AC UNIT IS NON WORKING”. AC can be used if the AC pumps added again.”


Aug 07, 2018 | Category: Other People's Hacks


Anyone up for a safari? This oddly painted 1984 Vanagon was for sale sometime in 2011. Who knows who the new owner is, but his van has lots of upgrades. It starts with a Subaru 2.2L motor and lift kit. It also includes a high roof with a small safari rack, a small lift, larger all terrain tires with two spares, a solar battery setup, and limo tint. Click through to see more pics.


This YouTube user decided to make his own spare tire and bike rack. It looks nice, but I imagine it is a pain to lower the tire every time you want to open the back hatch. Sure looks pretty though. Click through to see a walkthrough video.


This 1984 Leisuredrive Kamper T25 looks great! It’s white with blue stripes and appears to be in pretty good shape. The interior leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still a great ride. It is currently for sale in the UK. Have a look.


If you are a Vanagon nut that likes all things VW Vanagon you might be interested in this wall clock. The clock comes in the shape of an Orange T25 van and is for sale on eBay UK of £16.49. These clocks are new in the box.

This yellow Vanagon was for sale a few years ago. The seller claims it was not registered until 1994. Given these vans were not made after 1990, that makes this pretty rare. It looks like an early 1980’s model, but I’m not sure on the exact year. It has 16″ Mercedes wheels, and a very large rag top sun roof. There is not much to the interior beyond a bed, but it does have leather seats.



Check out this VW Double Cab pickup with a custom shifter and housing. If you look closely, the housing is held on by a piece of tape but it still looks okay. Also of note is the compartment where the glove box usually goes. I’ve never seen that before so I don’t know if that was an original option or a custom job. It sure looks stock. Click through for a couple more shots.



Most people are satisfied with the stock Vanagon paint. Others like to spice things up with custom pearl paint, stripes, or two-tone paint jobs. But the more creative types like to go all out and there is no limit to the creativity and craziness that the Vanagon’s inspire. Hats off to the crazy one’s whose creativity runs wild.


This 1986 double cab Syncro utility truck has been completely redone. It is located in NJ and is listed on The owner advertises it as having two lockers. One is obviously up top and there is also a lower locker. Click through for more pictures.


Jul 05, 2018 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks

What do you carry on your Vanagon roof? This Vanagon owner decided to use most of the roof for all sorts of things. In addition to a Yakima Rocket Box, he carries a bike, solar panel, and other cargo. Way to make the most of the rooftop for storage


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