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This read truck looks like a stock double cab Vanagon, but looks can be deceiving. We’ve seen this beauty before, but I just ran across more high quality photos from VW Vortex that are worth a second look. This first rate Vanagon to truck conversion would make every Vanagon fan drool. Click through for many more pictures.


Jan 11, 2021 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


The pictures say it all with this custom VW T3 Doka. Everything on this double-cab has been redone. It has a custom bed liner and that’s just the start. The interior has been completely re-upholstered including the seats and doors. This double-cab even has a custom console complete with meters, as well as a wooden steering wheel. Click through to see this beauty up close.


This Vanagon owner decided not to take the easy way out by ordering a GoWesty bumper. Vanagon owner, Troy Smith, instead decided to make his own bumper. According to the description on Flickr, he plans to make a new swing away bike rack system. Click through for another pic.



The creativity of Vanagon owners never ceases to amaze me. Check out this Vanagon semi-truck. The image name was “gooseneck” so perhaps that’s her name. This is one of the craziest hacks I’ve ever seen. I don’t know anything about it, but just happened to run across it on The Samba. All Vanagon owners should just sit back and admire the creativity!



Our most popular hack to date is our outside bottle opener. We get the most comments on it by far. Many other Vanagon owners have other ideas on where to place their bottle openers. This one is mounted on the side pillar. Click through to see several more.


Jul 30, 2020 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


Many Vanagons have ladders. Ladders add functionality and character to the Vanagon. Sometimes ladders are mounted on the back hatch, and other times they are mounted on the side. Sometimes they have additional equipment mounted to it, other times it remains empty. What is your preferred ladder placement? Click through for a few examples.



This Syncro Doka double cab truck is insane. It has so many hacks, but my favorite is the steel plated roof rack. It is housing a spare tire or two, and a set of driving lights. This monster also has a heavy duty external sun visor, a winch, and semi truck side mirrors. The custom rear compartment looks pretty heavy duty too. This looks like a work truck turned into an insane toy.


This gorgeous orange Transporter has so many upgrades it’s hard to count them. The custom top, body kit, grill eyelid and wheels are just a few goodies to start. What about the custom side view mirrors? He has covered the rear windows and added some sort of vent to the sliding door. The clear turn signals and rain guards round out this orange beauty.


Nov 14, 2019 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks



Here is a nice Vanagon with a very large eyebrow. Frankly, I think this front grill mod should be called an “eyelid” but it appears I have already lost that argument. Most people paint the eyebrow the same color as the van, but this owner decided against it. His eyebrow is also much larger than most I’ve seen. This Vanagon has a nice body kit and rain guards for the windows too! Click through for another pic.



Like most Vanagon owners I had wind noise coming from my wing window (the triangle window on the front door). I inspected the window seal and it looked like it was perfectly sealed against the window, yet I still got wind noise at speeds over 40 MPH. I thought perhaps the noise was coming from the door seals so I placed some weather stripping around the door jam, but I still got the wind noise. Click through to see how I solved it once and for all.


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