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This silver double cab VW truck has a custom leather interior. Her owner has carefully redone the seats, door panels, and even popped in a leather steering wheel. This truck looks brand new! Click through for another pic.



If you are interested in a new look to your instrument cluster, you can check out this backlit upgrade kit. sells this upgrade kit for about $88 US. The only problem is they are in the UK so you will have to see if they can get it over to you. They’re sold out at the moment, but promise to have more of these in stock soon.


This Vanagon has a cork floor. The owner says he covers it with a heavy floor mat because it gets slippery when wet, and gathers dirt. It does look interesting though if you’re tired of tile and wood. I would definitely place a piece of carpet over it as cork tends to be fragile.



There is a lot to love about this 1987 Syncro, but the interior caught my eye. It include custom leather front seats with desert canvas armrests. The desert flavor is carried throughout the van. Click through to see more.


This Vanagon owner replaced his front seats with reclining seats. I wish I knew what kind of seats these were, but I saw them in passing in an Arizona Vanagon Owners forum. Nice job!



In case you don’t have enough light in your Westy, you can follow a fellow Westy owner’s installation of swivel LED lights on the ceiling. People find all kinds of ways to add lights to their Westys, but this is one of the nicest installations we’ve seen. At $39 these lights look to be a great deal. Click through to see how it’s done.


If you have a 1980 – 1991 Vanagon with a worn shifter boot you’re in luck. TMI sells these in multiple colors and they look great. For $79.99 you can’t go wrong. Check it out at the source link below.


User AndyBees at the TDI Club forums posted this picture of a new cluster. Awesome!

[ Source ]

This Vanagon has rear cabinets on both sides of the bed with an overhead storage above. It looks a bit dated, but what Vanagon isn’t dated these days. If you click through you can see additional overhead storage above the rear bed.



Like most Vanagon owners I had wind noise coming from my wing window (the triangle window on the front door). I inspected the window seal and it looked like it was perfectly sealed against the window, yet I still got wind noise at speeds over 40 MPH. I thought perhaps the noise was coming from the door seals so I placed some weather stripping around the door jam, but I still got the wind noise. Click through to see how I solved it once and for all.


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