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Our most popular hack to date is our outside bottle opener. We get the most comments on it by far. Many other Vanagon owners have other ideas on where to place their bottle openers. This one is mounted on the side pillar. Click through to see several more.


This white dash and interior reminds me of white chocolate for some reason. It’s obviously custom made, but it looks clean and as good a stock. Interestingly, it is in a two tone blue and white Vanagon. Click through to check it out.


The folds at Texas Vanagons really know how to build high quality Vanagon cabinets. Check out this custom build. It matches the original cabinets and includes a fold out table. This would be perfect for Weekenders and Westys. Check out for more info on this build.


This Vanagon is apparently named “Westly” and was put together by a guy named Alex. Like many of us, he bought a Vanagon, started hacking around, and turned it into something. He actually put an ad on Craigslist looking for a cabinet guy. Some guy named Paul replied, and the rest is history. Click through to see more pics of this awesome custom Vanagon interior.



If you have a Vanagon Westy you can stop wasting the space over your sink with this hack. Put a cutting board over the sink. Amazon sells the perfect cutting board with a cutout for the faucet. All you have to do is notch a small cutout for the stove grill. This hack comes from Samba member Timwhy. Click through for another idea.



These drawers under the rear bed caught my eye. There’s not much to say about them except they add some storage space to your Vanagon. Obviously, if you use the bed a lot this might cause a problem unless you use a mattress topper, but it looks good for every day use.


This custom front console looks pretty slick. The cut out for the stick is perfectly fitted and it has space for switches and meters as well as CDs and other miscellaneous items. Not bad.

This 1984 VW high top camper has an interesting front kitchen. Unlike the standard Westfalia kitchen that runs the length of the van, this kitchen is up front behind the seats. You can’t see the entire thing, but check out the cabinet with the sink. Click through to see the outside of the van.



This panel Vanagon looks stock on the outside, but it has an interesting interior. For starters, it has Saab seats that look great in the front. It also has carpet fitted on the interior walls which give an interesting look. Click through to see the inside of this van.



Wouldn’t you like a cubby door on the rear cabinet? I would. The guys at Texas Vanagons came up with a perfect mod of the rear cabinet. It gives you access from the rear hatch and it looks stock. It’s not really that difficult when you think about it, but you need to plan it right. Click through to see how they did it.


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