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These drawers under the rear bed caught my eye. There’s not much to say about them except they add some storage space to your Vanagon. Obviously, if you use the bed a lot this might cause a problem unless you use a mattress topper, but it looks good for every day use.


This custom front console looks pretty slick. The cut out for the stick is perfectly fitted and it has space for switches and meters as well as CDs and other miscellaneous items. Not bad.

This 1984 VW high top camper has an interesting front kitchen. Unlike the standard Westfalia kitchen that runs the length of the van, this kitchen is up front behind the seats. You can’t see the entire thing, but check out the cabinet with the sink. Click through to see the outside of the van.



This panel Vanagon looks stock on the outside, but it has an interesting interior. For starters, it has Saab seats that look great in the front. It also has carpet fitted on the interior walls which give an interesting look. Click through to see the inside of this van.



Wouldn’t you like a cubby door on the rear cabinet? I would. The guys at Texas Vanagons came up with a perfect mod of the rear cabinet. It gives you access from the rear hatch and it looks stock. It’s not really that difficult when you think about it, but you need to plan it right. Click through to see how they did it.



This hack was submitted to us from Norway, via Facebook. Marius Emil Tuv mounted a double-DIN stereo on his dash and he sent us a few pics. It looks like he customized a housing for the display. Very cool. He even has a reverse sensor on top of the housing. Click through for more pics.



Here is a guy who is serious about his LPG tank. He purchased a VW T25 1.9 Caravelle 78ps High Top Camper and decided to work it over. He’s done quite a bit of work on it. This LPG tank installation caught my eye. It fits behind the front seats and he created a bench with cushions to hide it. Click through for more.



This brown and cream colored T25 (Vanagon) has a custom upholstery to match its paint job. With new side panels, door panels, rear bench seat, and box seat in the living area, this upholstery job looks unique. All she needs now are custom cabinets to match.



Two is always better than one right? Samba user vanagonforever was showing off his vinyl seats, but the his installation of two interior fans caught my eye. I have one of these fans that I can clip on just about anywhere (usually the rear view mirror), but two would definitely be better than one. Where do you mount your fan?


Here is a nice center console for your Vanagon by Rally. It has a rugged look, and can keep your food hot or cold. We have covered consoles before, but I’ve never seen this one. It is apparently available at Kmart for approximately $60.



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