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File this one under more Vanagon gauge placement ideas. This owner decided to put a couple of gauges in the A/C duct. What a perfect place to have them available, but out of the way. One thing is for sure, these gauges will never overheat.



We all want to add more gauges to our Vanagons but where do we mount them? There are a ton of ideas out there and here are just a few. Replacing the ash tray with a cluster is very popular, but there are many more options. Click through to see a few more.

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Many Vanagon owners make their own door panels for their vans. We have featured several of them here. If you’re not one who wants to work at it, you can purchase after market door panels for the Vanagon. Check out They have a variety of solutions for Vanagons.

Here is another source for custom made sliding door screens for your vanagon. This one is red, but they have several colors to choose from. Check them out at

The folds at Texas Vanagons really know how to build high quality Vanagon cabinets. Check out this custom build. It matches the original cabinets and includes a fold out table. This would be perfect for Weekenders and Westys. Check out for more info on this build.


One of our favorite additions to the Vanagon is this Power Bright Inverter. It allows us to plug in laptops, chargers, rice cookers, coffee makers, or anything else we can imagine. The Power Bright Inverters come in various sizes but we chose this 1100 watt version. It rocks! You can pick it up here and have it shipped right to you.

We tried several inverters but most of them include a loud fan. The Power Bright runs well and is very quite. In our Carat we mounted it behind the driver’s seat. In a Westy camper you can mount it to the cabinet.

This is a nice homemade Vanagon center console with cup holders and storage. If you want the job done right do it yourself. You can see how this Vanagon owner planned out the build and made it happen by visiting Vanagon Geek.


This Vanagon owner did some work on his cluster. He added trim rings to the speedometer and tach and added blue LED backlighting. What a nice upgrade to the dash! Click through for a demo video of his installation.

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Vanagon owners know they have to make use of every bit of space. This Vanagon kitchen demonstrates a nice way to organize utensils and keep them out of the way. Nice job!


Want to replace your Vanagon’s front seats? This is a nice little upgrade that you can do on the cheap. The Samba user, kjono09, grabbed some Eurovan seats and installed them in a Syncro. They look nice, and even include a bar on the back where you can hang things. AND, the reclining feature is awesome!

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