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Check out the Apocatron 5.0. This high top Syncro with all kinds of goodies is something to see. It has an insane Rhino MWB VW T5 roof rack hovering over the high top roof and check out the bullbar and driving lights on the bumper. This van is owned by Jack Mac, an adventure addict. He has been living in this van for 5 years. Click through to see more.



Here is a nice center console for your Vanagon by Rally. It has a rugged look, and can keep your food hot or cold. We have covered consoles before, but I’ve never seen this one. It is apparently available at Kmart for approximately $60.



Anyone who was a fan of the original Magnum P.I. will remember the Island Hoppers Vanagon. Here is an Island Hoppers pillow for sale from They also have T-shirts and coffee mugs if you’re a diehard fan.

This appears to be some kind of removable extension for a Westy and is apparently called the Bischofberger extension. I don’t have any information about it other than what appears in the pictures.


Vanagon side view mirrors don’t have the best visibility so some owners upgrade to semi truck side view mirrors. One owner put together a little walk through website for his upgrade and it looks great. Check it out here.

Here is another example of the front bike rack for the Vanagon. It sells for about $300 plus shipping and is offered by someone named Gary Lee. Click through for another pic and hit the source link below to visit his website.



I always try to use every bit of space in the Vanagon so I can keep the floor space clear. Not only do I keep lights under the jump seats for indirect lighting at night, I mounted a paper towel holder under one of the seats to maximize space. It works great! I have little plastic organizer boxes under the other jump seat so this one was just asking for something to be placed there.


This 1987 Syncro was recently on the market, but it sold. Somewhere this is a happy new owner out there. This Vanagon has been restored and is in fantastic condition. Everything is clean including the undercarriage. Click through for more pictures and a video walkthrough.


This Syncro Westy is packed with accessories. Is there an accessory she does not have? Look at the side mounted ladder and front bumper bull bar with driving lights. How about the roof mounted driving lights or the extra side view mirror? The front grill has an eyelid and the windshield has a sun visor. And, oh yeah, it has aftermarket wheels.


This privacy screen wrap looks interesting. It is called “Rocky” and is sold out of the UK by Fuel Lagoon. They sell it with a custom bag for storage for about $70. Hit up their website if it interests you.

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