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Ever want to hold drinks on your Vanagon dashboard? This custom drink holder fits in the ash tray and allows you to keep a couple of cold ones up front. They were recently listed on eBay in The UK for GBP 39 ($50us).



There is a lot of unused space under the Vanagon, and Peace Vans wants to make use of it. Peace Vans is a shop with some of their own nifty mods, and the undermount PV battery tray is a nice once. They craft a tray that holds a house battery and/or a starting battery. The tray hinges down for easy access. This tray allows you to get the battery out of the interior of the van. Click through to check it out.


This YouTube user decided to make his own spare tire and bike rack. It looks nice, but I imagine it is a pain to lower the tire every time you want to open the back hatch. Sure looks pretty though. Click through to see a walkthrough video.


If you are a Vanagon nut that likes all things VW Vanagon you might be interested in this wall clock. The clock comes in the shape of an Orange T25 van and is for sale on eBay UK of £16.49. These clocks are new in the box.

This 1983 custom high top with custom racks is currently listed on This Westy camper has solar panels on the roof and lots of room inside. She has two dash mounted fans to keep the interior cool while camping. Click through for more.


Those who install solar on their vans or campers know it is often difficult to get the wires into the vehicle. This Vanagon owner routed the wires from his single solar panel through the rear vent. Not a bad idea.

This hack comes courtesy of Rocky Mountain Westy who created aluminum window replacements for a client. These are not inserts that go behind the glass. These inserts replace the stock windows and fit perfectly into the factory seal. They are unfinished so you can paint to match your van. Very cool! Head on over to Rocky Mountain Westy to purchase these. They sell for $98.95 each.

This is a very cool implementation of the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop tent. The guys at TexasVanagons have a detailed walkthrough of how this tent was fitted to a Vanagon and it’s worth a look. They used some Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers with spacers and the build looks fantastic. Click through for another pic, then head over to the source link to see how they did it.


This 1989 Syncro caught my eye. The rear bike storage looks to be custom. Instead of the bike racks you normally see on the rear hatch, this bike seems to be resting on a bar that comes out of a rear hitch as well as a swing arm on the back. Anyone know what this is?


This custom hitch was created by Vanagon owner, Kevin Jakey and it looks awesome. It is strong enough to hold a motorcycle and more. If you want to create a custom hitch like this, click here to read a detailed PDF file on the process.


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