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There is a lot of unused space under the Vanagon, and Peace Vans wants to make use of it. Peace Vans is a shop with some of their own nifty mods, and the undermount PV battery tray is a nice once. They craft a tray that holds a house battery and/or a starting battery. The tray hinges down for easy access. This tray allows you to get the battery out of the interior of the van. Click through to check it out.


The folks at Wondrous World Tour Company have a pretty interesting video on how to secure your Vanagon. They go the extra mile in every regard as you can see with their front window security bars. This video is worth watching as these guys have some great tips for anyone who really needs tight security. Click through for the video.


Some people like to see how low they can go. Others, want to go in the opposite direction. This Vanagon Syncro, see on The Samba, has a 35mm lift kit installed. The kit was apparently purchased from Oberschlachter and it makes the Vanagon appear very high. I would suggest it is in need of larger wheels and tires to match.


The folks over at Texas Vanagons created this bench seat lock box. It looks like a perfect fit, but it was quite a process. Head on over to Texas Vanagons to see a very detailed walk through of how they created this. It’s perfect!


Why didn’t I think of this? The Foxing 270 degree awning is perfect for camping. It covers the side and the back of the Vanagon. How perfect is that? These were apparently available at, but I can no longer find them. Very cool!


This is a nifty mod for those who might want a pull out faucet in your Westy. If you use a T4 Westfalia tap, you can create a pull out faucet that you can pull out the front window to shower, or wash things off outside. The key is the head has an on/off switch that allows you to control the water flow. Click through to see how this looks when pulled out.



Many Syncro owners have large bumpers with grill protection, but what about the headlights? sells a set of square headlight protectors that do the job nicely. The installation can be a little time consuming, but once you get them in they look great. Click through to see an installation video.



These rock and roll bed hinges are being offered on eBay for T25 camper owners who want to rebuild the bed. The listing says, “Camper van rock n roll bed hinges. Quality Italian hinges designed for the use in camper vans. Can be used in either T2, T3 even T4 and T5. These are not westy copies like JK hinges. Brand new and in stock.” The link probably won’t be good for long, but have a look here.



Several Vanagon owners have mounted TVs inside their van, but this one has to be one of the best we’ve seen. The Samba user ChilliConCarnage, has posted several pictures of his Westy, but his use of an articulating TV mount caught my eye. He basically dismantled the mount, and clamped it to the front table leg. It works perfectly! The best part is he can hide the TV behind the driver’s seat for theft deterrence. Click through to see how he hides his TV.



Here is a nifty idea from some experienced Vanagon travelers. Add extra locks to the exterior of the Vanagon. It’s extreme for sure, but they were apparently victims of a random car bomb and take security seriously. This hack comes from the folks at Drive Nacho Drive which we have featured before. These locks come from Home Depot and provide an extra layer of protection against would be thieves.


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