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This orange crew cab looks so sleek, it’s crazy. I couldn’t figure out why it looked so different but then I realized they completely re-did the body. It looks like a unibody designed truck. No lines, no gaps, just all body. AND, they left off the door handles. Even the bumper looks like part of the body. Of course, they also sport after market wheels, new rear brake lights, and painted front grill. Click through to see several more pics of this beauty.


This otherwise average looking Syncro has a massive bullbar installed on the front bumper. It doesn’t appear like this van is used in the dense forrest, but perhaps they owner just likes the look.


This VW Doka double cab reminds me of coffee creamer. Although I’m not fond of the cream color, there is a lot to like about the van. The roof mounted horn, semi-truck side mirrors, and rain guards are just the start. The custom bed cover is very nice and she has a sun roof. Click through for more.


There is a lot to love about this 1990 VW T3 1.9 TDI. Are the wheels crazy or what? Talk about low profile tires. This is the second Vanagon I’ve spotted with orange wheels and they are just the beginning when it comes to this van. Click through for many more pics.



This 1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia by Eric Rankin looks as good as new. In fact, it looks better than new. With a gorgeous paint job, custom wheels, and custom upholstery, this one is to die for.

Things done to this vanagon:

  • All chrome, (bumpers, window trim, etc.) painted black.
  • Two-tone paint. (1963 VW Turquoise and Snow White)
  • Custom Ronal 16”x8” “Joker” wheels painted Snow White.
  • VDO gauge cluster with tach, temp, oil & volt gauges.
  • Wet Okole neoprene seat and bench covers.
  • Kenwood stereo with Serius-enabled tuner and iPod hookup.
  • Secondary house battery with charging relay.
  • Center Console storage for Absorber, binoculars, pens, paper.
  • Custom Sunbrella fabric curtains, pillows and dash cover.
  • Split-cushion rear portion of lower bed (for easy storage).
  • Bamboo floormat from Bali. Beanbag ottoman from Tijuana.
  • Yackima roof rack with artificial gutter mounts.
  • Slide-out hitch receiver and tilt-up rear storage rack.
  • 2 folding bikes stowed on storage rack.

    Click through to see more pictures and a very nice custom interior!


  • doka1

    This 1990 double cab Syncro was for sale recently in Saginaw, MI. It has several homemade hacks including the diamond plate bumper and sun visor. This Doka has a Subaru engine so there is plenty of power. The rear folding bed slides are gone in favor of a homemade bed, but it also features truck exhaust and roof mounted horns. The seller was asking $10,000 on Craigslist. Click through for another pic.



    This black 1982 Vanagon Devon Moonraker was spotted on The Telegraph. It has an unusual pop top that opens sideways. If I had to choose a name I’d probably call it “The Clam.” Aside from the nice paint job this Vanagon sports custom wheels, fog lights, and the “eyelid” on the grill that I love so much. The Telegraph describes it as follows:

    Finished in Holographic Black, the exterior doesn’t give much away, although if you catch it in the right light, it glints red, blue and green. Inside, however, is an explosion of red and white, with a swivelling table made from a skimboard. There are spotlights, ambient LED strips, DVD screens and a black-and-white tile-effect floor. We love it.


    This 1984 Leisuredrive Kamper T25 looks great! It’s white with blue stripes and appears to be in pretty good shape. The interior leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still a great ride. It is currently for sale in the UK. Have a look.


    This yellow Vanagon was for sale a few years ago. The seller claims it was not registered until 1994. Given these vans were not made after 1990, that makes this pretty rare. It looks like an early 1980’s model, but I’m not sure on the exact year. It has 16″ Mercedes wheels, and a very large rag top sun roof. There is not much to the interior beyond a bed, but it does have leather seats.



    Most people are satisfied with the stock Vanagon paint. Others like to spice things up with custom pearl paint, stripes, or two-tone paint jobs. But the more creative types like to go all out and there is no limit to the creativity and craziness that the Vanagon’s inspire. Hats off to the crazy one’s whose creativity runs wild.


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