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This 1987 Syncro was recently for sale and it looks like a beautiful restoration. Check out the new paint and blacked out GoWesty wheels. The asking price was $17,500 which seems totally reasonable for this beauty.



We previously named a Vanagon the junk yard dog, but this one seems to fit the bill even more. This Syncro sports the kind of rustic body work that gives it character. The large wheels and tires are just the beginning on this one. Check out the front grill protection. And what about that roof rack with the driving lights attached. This van would actually look worse with a new paint job. The aesthetic definitely screams junk yard dog!


We have seen several of these safari or zebra Vanagon before and this one is just as interesting. Although it appears to have a pop top, it is hard to tell whether it has a full kitchen. I don’t see the standard cabinets that most campers include. Perhaps this one just has a fancy paint job.

This 1989 Ragtop Syncro is awesome! Everything about it screams details. Check out the blacked out wheels, or the black ragtop. And have a look at the bed. This thing is perfect!


This 1987 Vanagon turned truck is currently listed for sale on Craigslist. It is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and it looks like crazy conversion. Someone took a Wolfsburg Edition with reverse seats and chopped it up into a truck. Anyone with a Wolfburg or Carat will recognize what is going on despite the poor angle of the pictures. Click through for more.


This mid-1980s Doka has a customer camper on the back. It looks like she has some upper windows on the driver’s side and what looks like an awning on the passenger’s side. It also sports roof racks and semi truck mirrors. All she needs now is some new wheels to complete the package.

This double cab Doka truck looks incredibly well kept. It includes a rear camper top with a King sized bed for those camping trips. It doesn’t get much better than this!


We added an additional fluorescent light to the passenger’s side of the Vanagon. We had to fish from the back light, but that wasn’t so bad. You can purchase these lights at GoWesty for about $55 and install it yourself. It adds a lot of light to the cab.

If you don’t look too closely you might swear this is another dropped Doka truck. Nope! This is a custom modified air-cooled VW van. The tires look huge on this thing because she’s dropped. All it needs now is the right paint job to make her really stand out.


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If you have a spare $65,000 laying around you can buy this 1987 Vanagon GL Synchro Westfalia called Big Red. Her owners have completely restored her, but it’s time to let her go. It was recently posted on The Samba and she’s a beauty. Click through for more.


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