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The fluorescent light in the hard top Vanagon comes with a push button switch. I have always wanted a toggle switch instead, but never gave it a thought until my push button switch died. One of my lights was getting increasingly more difficult to turn on so I knew we had to change the switch. We decided to change from a push button to a toggle switch and results are fantastic. Hit the jump to see how we did it.


We had to drill a slightly larger hole to accommodate the new switch, but other than that the hack was straightforward.


Now my light goes on instantly with a flip of the toggle, and I have a green indicator light on the switch. Not bad.



  • Kevbo

    Hey there, nice site you got here. Where’d you find the switch? It the light housing a standard size of something? Thanks!

  • VHacks

    The light is the standard Vanagon light that comes with the van. The switch can be found at Oreilly’s and similar auto part stores. I might have even picked up the switch at Walmart. I can’t remember.

    All I know is this switch is a lot easier to use than the push button that came with the light.

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