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Most people are satisfied with the stock Vanagon paint. Others like to spice things up with custom pearl paint, stripes, or two-tone paint jobs. But the more creative types like to go all out and there is no limit to the creativity and craziness that the Vanagon’s inspire. Hats off to the crazy one’s whose creativity runs wild.


This one could probably be called the Rocky Mountain Westy, but it’s actually in Washingotn. This one has the scenic view for sure! (Source)


Anyone care to take a road trip in this Westy? What a gorgeous paint job. (Source)


This Vanagon reminds me of a fifties racer of some sort. I feel like it should have been in the movie Grease, or Back to the Future. Maybe Chubby Checker owns it? It makes me crave a cream soda. (Source)


How about a little Aloha on your Vanagon. Is there any question where this guy is from? (Source)


There are many Vanagons that already come with camouflage paint. They were probably used by the military at some point, but military-types and hunters still like to do custom camo paint. (Source)


Politics is everywhere and affects every part of our lives and the Vanagon is no exception. The Vanagon has been used in politics!


This one looks like it was used in a Western movie. I can see it sitting outside a bar in some small town right next to the horses. (Source)


This one could be called Space Van. (Source)


Anytime you have a large space for custom paint some view it as a marketing opportunity. Yes, corporate interest like the Vanagon too. Is this the Red Bull Vanagon? (Source)


And last but not least is the do it yourself paint job. Complete with stickers and rust, this paint job is surely conceived by a rocker. I’ll bet classical music is not playing in this one.

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