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This 1985 camper has one of the oddest rooftops I’ve ever seen. It was for sale recently, and the owner says there is enough room in the van to stand up. He also says the top is removable so you can exchange it for a pop top or rag top. Did he make it himself? Is there a company that was making these in Europe? I have no idea.



This black VW T25 pop top looks great. I can’t decide if I like the exterior or interior better. I’m not really a guy who likes black cars, but this van looks awesome. There’s not much to say about it, just click through and check it out. The interior was redone with care and it looks great!


This van sure has a lot of windows. We have seen similar vans before, but this one looks unique. In addition to the many side windows, the high top has a large front window as well. The van has a small bullbar on the front bumper and a siren or speaker on the root. She looks like a nice ride although she could use some updated wheels.



This crazy paint job caught my eye today so I thought I’d simply comment on it. The sides of this Vanagon remind me of watercolors. And what kind of wheels are those? I like the mounted tire on the front and the driving lights.

May 18, 2020 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks


I found this nice Van on the Vanagon Junkies Facebook page. The eyebrow adds a lot to the front of this van, but so do the LED lights under the headlights. Nice touch.


I have a set of these wheels on a Mercedes E320 and I’d love to get them on my Vanagon just like this guy did. This is only the second Vanagon I have seen with these rims and they look great. The Samba user, Little Hobbit Bastard, says he did not use spacers because there is plenty of room. Oh how this gives me hope. Click through for more.


There’s nothing like a custom camper sitting on the back of a double cab Doka truck. This one comes from Vans of Berlin. If you want some eye candy, check out Vans of Berlin on Tumblr.

What can you say about this T3 Doka? It is definitely unique. The worn black with orange highlights make it ready for the off road. It could almost be considered a “Vanagon Buggy.”



This gorgeous orange Transporter has so many upgrades it’s hard to count them. The custom top, body kit, grill eyelid and wheels are just a few goodies to start. What about the custom side view mirrors? He has covered the rear windows and added some sort of vent to the sliding door. The clear turn signals and rain guards round out this orange beauty.


I just ran across this VW Doka double cab truck on the Twitter account of @DolphusRamseur
and it’s glorious! It looks like it has been completely restored as the paint looks fresh. Check out the South African grill and the black out wheels. If I owned this truck it would be my main ride.


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