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Don’t you just love the side window hack? We have seen this hack before, but this is the largest window I have seen so far. Click through to see this syncro in action.


Every once in awhile we run across a serious expedition vehicle. This Syncro definitely falls into that category. She isn’t polished and clean, but just look at her. She’s ready for a serious expedition. I think she even has a toilet. Click through for more pics.


This Syncro looks brand new! Everything on her looks new. There is so much to love about this van it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out those tires and the gorgeous paint job. What about the entire front of the van? She’s ready for a serious expedition.



This is a unique, and very interesting, T25 camper that was recently for sale in Manchester, England. Check out the top. The luggage rack is in the rear. This guy has several accessories on this van including a sun visor, some kind of antenna (TV?), awning, mud flaps, and what appears to be steel running rods. If you look closely you can see the door handles are also painted red along with the bumpers. This is a unique camper and someone was lucky to find it. Check out the listing on GumTree.


This Syncro is shown at the Volkswagen Club of Pakistan. Someone named Rehan Bhai apparently owns this VW Syncro T3. It has the most interesting front ornament I’ve ever seen. It appears to be a set of bull horns. You can see a bar bolted into the front of the van which supports the bull horns. It also includes a net of some kind. I have no idea what the net is for, but it’s an interesting ornament for sure.


This 1989 Volkswagen high top Autohomes Komet camper was recently for sale on eBay UK. The page has been deleted so we don’t have a ton of information but she’s a beauty. Check out the massive bullbar on the front of this thing. The interior looks clean with matching drapes and the paint job looks fresh. All she needs now is a light bar up top and some semi truck side view mirrors!

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This 1989 VW T25 camper, named Daisy, has been completely redone and it looks amazing. She has a bit of a crazy paint job, but the interior looks incredible. Click through to see more and be sure to visit Bridge Classic Cars for even more details.



Many Vanagon owners install roof racks on their ride to help carry extra equipment. Some owners go for the simple approach, while others go for large baskets and boxes. Pictured here is a large ARB rack with high jack attached. What is your roof rack choice? Click through for several examples.


This 1991 double cab Syncro is currently for sale on Gumtree. She looks to be fully restored with new paint and interior carpet. She features an upstairs tent and rear canopy over the truck bed.



I don’t know why I like this van, but I do. The gold paint job stands out because there are no rear windows. I also like the wheels on this van. They look like they should be on a 1980’s Chevy van instead of a Vanagon, but somehow it works. This early 1980’s Vanagon is clean and ready to go. I call her, Goldie.

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