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This double cab Doka is unique. In addition to a homemade box on the bed, the front cab has bench seats that turn into a double bed. Don’t believe me? Click through for more.


This custom Doka Syncro looks like the perfect truck for all of your outdoor adventures. Someone has taken special care of this beauty with the custom bed gates. The picture comes via The Samba member, Draper. The shot was taken at the base of Mount Fromme in North Vancouver, B.C.



We all know Vanagons are used for a multitude of things. There are so many Vanagon mods out there it never ceases to amaze me. Can you tell what this stick controls? Click through to find out.



We’ve seen several stretch Vanagons before, but what about a stretch truck? This stretch Doka is a double cab with a long bed and dual axels. Click through to see this thing on the race track.



This 1991 double cab Syncro is currently for sale on Gumtree. She looks to be fully restored with new paint and interior carpet. She features an upstairs tent and rear canopy over the truck bed.


Jan 11, 2021 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


The pictures say it all with this custom VW T3 Doka. Everything on this double-cab has been redone. It has a custom bed liner and that’s just the start. The interior has been completely re-upholstered including the seats and doors. This double-cab even has a custom console complete with meters, as well as a wooden steering wheel. Click through to see this beauty up close.


This custom Doka Syncro Camper has a lot going on. Check out the steel roof rack with some kind of heavy duty box on the top. The camper is equip with fold out steps for easy access. I would love to see the interior of this camper. She looks like she’s ready for just about any adventure you can throw at her.

There’s nothing like a custom camper sitting on the back of a double cab Doka truck. This one comes from Vans of Berlin. If you want some eye candy, check out Vans of Berlin on Tumblr.

What can you say about this T3 Doka? It is definitely unique. The worn black with orange highlights make it ready for the off road. It could almost be considered a “Vanagon Buggy.”


I just ran across this VW Doka double cab truck on the Twitter account of @DolphusRamseur
and it’s glorious! It looks like it has been completely restored as the paint looks fresh. Check out the South African grill and the black out wheels. If I owned this truck it would be my main ride.


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