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Don’t you just love the side window hack? We have seen this hack before, but this is the largest window I have seen so far. Click through to see this syncro in action.


Jul 04, 2016 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

side window hack

Check out this very cool side window hack that we found in the following video.



There are several different versions of Vanagons with side windows, but this one is unlike any other I’ve seen before. This VW T25 high top camper has a very slim side window. Whoever did the customization on this van did a great job. In addition to the slick side window, the rear body kit that goes right into the high top looks excellent!



These side window hack Vanagons sure are popular across the pond. I had never seen one, but all of a sudden I’m finding them all over the place. This looks like an early 1980’s camper with a very colorful paint job. It was spotted in Scotland. The large side window is on both sides of the van, including in the sliding door.




This adventure van was used to travel across the world. The couple who owns this van apparently traveled across Africa, the US, and Canada. Seen here in Zion National Park, this heavily customized Vanagon Syncro is a dream for Vanagon enthusiasts. The most noticeable hack is obvious the large side window in the sliding door. We have seen this side window hack before, but never on the door.

This Vanagon appears to have some kind of round vent at the rear of the van. With its high top, custom roof racks, rear hatch racks and bumpers, this Syncro is ready for anything you can throw at it. I wish we could see some interior pics. Click through to see a large world map mural on the other side of the van.



One of the best things you can do to your Vanagon is install GoWesty’s Auxiliary Battery Kit. Once you have that done, you might consider this battery hack we first got from Ken at Van Again. He put 3 motor scooter batteries in parallel to get more amp hours out of the setup. We followed his lead and it works great. He used 3 UB12220 batteries to get a total of 66ah. We had to settle for 3 Power Sonic 21ah batteries to get a total of 63ah because nobody would ship the UB12220 batteries to Honolulu, but we are totally happy with the setup.



This expedition Syncro has a unique rear window. They apparently replaced the rear hatch and side windows with diamond plated steel, then cut a new hole for a smaller slider window. Awesome! This Syncro also has a huge reverse light and roof racks. Very cool!


Check out the three side windows on this Vanagon. I don’t know what they called this one, but it looks great. While the paint and body kit look like they came from the factory, the seats definitely don’t look stock. Does anyone have any information about these vans?


This early 1980’s Vanagon has a custom side window that looks like a sun roof mounted on the side of the van. It appears that the side window can be popped opened. If you look closely, it appears to have the same hinges and handle as a sun roof. It is possible that this is just a window I haven’t seen before, but it sure is small.



I never get tired of these vans with the mega side window hack. This one, has large windows on both sides. The website says this van now sports a Ford V6 engine with a hacked cockpit. Click through to see more pics.


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