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I never get tired of these vans with the mega side window hack. This one, has large windows on both sides. The website says this van now sports a Ford V6 engine with a hacked cockpit. Click through to see more pics.



This high top camper looks like it was made in the bid-1980’s. The smaller side windows caught my eye. It’s a bit battered, but still looks good. I wish I had some interior shots of this one.

Aug 19, 2014 | Category: Body


Some of the old VW Buses came with louvered windows, or jalousies, but Vanagons come with sliding windows. Several Vanagon owners have adapted the old louvered windows, or made some of their own. There are several examples over at The Samba, and I decided to post a few.



This hack comes from Dan Reed and I love it! I can’t say it’s the easiest way to stay cool in the summer, but if you are camping for an extended period it might be worth it. As you can see, Dan placed an air conditioner in the window of his Westy. Click through to see how he did it.


Feb 13, 2007 | Category:


We’ve done a lot to our Vanagon so far. There was a lot of cleanup and changing of bulbs but here’s a little list of things we’ve accomplished so far. We wanted the van to retain a stock look and feel, but we’ve added a lot of goodies and accessories.

Our list of mods, fixes, and hacks, follows below, but you can also check out the category, @Our Hacks from the right menu at anytime.


Our most popular hacks and mods (Best mods for the Vanagon)


Other Mods, Fixes, Hacks

  • New Tint and alarm
  • Replaced Steering wheel
  • Fixed steering wheel noise
  • Installed sliding door molding
  • Fixed power locks
  • Fixed Table height
  • Replaced all bulbs and dome lights
  • Painted hub cabs
  • Installed rear wiper cleaning fluid cap
  • Installed and fabricated new carpet from Walmart ($22) – Hack
  • Steam cleaned interior, twice
  • Fixed map light and lighter
  • Added front Bra
  • Fixed A/C housing on ceiling
  • Fixed triangle window on driver’s side
  • Bought new jack storage bag from GoWesty
  • Fixed Shifter lights
  • Fixed Dash lights
  • Installed new Bilstein Shocks
  • Removed lowering springs and installed stock springs
  • Remove rear heater for storage
  • Installed 2nd battery kit from Go Westy – Hack
  • Rebuilt Transmission and differential
  • Ordered new Keys
  • Replaced rear middle headrest
  • Fixed gas tank seal to repair leaky gas tank
  • Installed new larger wipers from Go Westy
  • New wiper caps
  • Installed headlight kit from Go Westy
  • Repaird cigarette Lighter Light
  • Installed new Sony Stereo
  • Fixed Power Steering Pump Leak
  • Fixed Oil leak through plug
  • New thermostat and fan switch
  • New radiator
  • Big Brake Kit
  • Installed 1100 watt inverter
  • Re-sealed driver’s and passenger’s windows
  • Engine Compartment reseal
  • Installed battery charging system under seat to charge both batteries – Hack


To Do…

  • Paint
  • Customize a console
  • Install new carpet kit



Jun 24, 2014 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


Can you believe they even use Vanagon’s as a hearse? The original post says this is a “VW T3 Transporter hearse, in the Bulli Museum in Hessisch Oldendorf.” We’ve seen the side window hack before, but this one looks much more intense. Click through to see more examples of the Vanagon Hearse.


Vanagon Screens

If you own a hard top you already know how difficult it is to get good screens to fit your van. Most people have to use velcro or magnets to get screens around the sliding windows. This guy named Glenn has a new take on screens and they look solid.



This 1991 TDI conversion looks great. It has a long list of upgrades including adjusted gearbox, lowered suspension, RVS exhaust, and more. Details like the chrome above the wheels, South African grill, truck side mirrors, and covered side windows make this a beauty. This one was for sale recently. Click through for a more complete list of its features and upgrades.


Jan 11, 2021 | Category: Body, Other People's Hacks


The pictures say it all with this custom VW T3 Doka. Everything on this double-cab has been redone. It has a custom bed liner and that’s just the start. The interior has been completely re-upholstered including the seats and doors. This double-cab even has a custom console complete with meters, as well as a wooden steering wheel. Click through to see this beauty up close.


South Africa Vanagon-Caravelle 1

South African VW Van fans are so lucky. VW kept making the Vanagon (aka T3) in South Africa long after the US production was halted. Check out some of the upgrades you get with this South Africa Caravelle Vanagon Kombi. For starters, it has larger side windows and an exterior air intake scoop. Click through to see the interior upgrades.


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