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This VW T3 Syncro expedition vehicle comes from Spain and has been completely restored. It was recently for sale and has a long list of features including, a trivalent fridge, kitchen, sink, cabinets, led lights, outdoor shower, 220v installation, rotating front seats, table in front and behind, skylight, thermal windows with curtains and mosquito nets, insulators, side door with mosquito net, static heating, fiamma awning, water tank and gray water tank. With the table in the front, it opens up a very roomy interior. Check it out.


This is a nice kitchen pod for a non-camper if you don’t mind giving up the pass through to the front seat. It looks very well made and perfect for someone looking to squeeze a lot into a small package.



I just ran across this photo on The Samba. The caption simply says, “John’s custom interior.” This is such a fantastic idea I’m wondering why no one else has thought of it. He created custom slide out storage for the kitchen just behind the driver’s seat. This custom slider holds a burner set up top, and storage below. Awesome!

Apr 25, 2019 | Category: Interior

I can’t tell exactly what is going on with this Vanagon’s floor. It looks standard unfinished plywood just jammed in there. Could that be it? I suppose it works, but I would stain it for protection. Interesting choice.

Apr 18, 2019 | Category: Interior

Here is a neat idea. sells an upper bed guard for the Westfalia. It helps keep your stuff from falling off the bed and can help keep young children safe too. It requires that your van have certain slots already available so be sure to read the details. Head on over to their website for more info and ordering details.

This 1987 Westy got a serious overhaul of the rear cabinets. It looks like they created a much larger rear cabinet and an extra seat next to the stovetop. Could there be a toilet in there? Unfortunately, there is no information about this interior. Looks good though. Click through for more.


This interior idea comes courtesy of The owner removed the refrigerator and opted for a top loading Dometic fridge that sits behind the passenger seat. This allowed them to create a large drawer under the stovetop. Nice job!


You don’t have to have a camper to camp in a Vanagon. YouTube user, Kirt Fitzpatrick, built his own custom doorway kitchen, in a non-camper, complete with a stove, water sprayer, swing-out table, and drawers. The build looks great and his video is oddly interesting. He does a complete cooking demo and shows you how he uses his kitchen while camping. Check it out.



How would you like to improve your step with a protector, and provide lighting for your Vanagon interior. This hack comes from the Shooftie blog. It’s both gorgeous and functional.


Feb 04, 2019 | Category: @Our Hacks, Interior

We have referred to our streaming setup when we mounted the iPad, but we have never explained exactly what we have going on. We purchased this HooToo Travel Router and mounted it behind the Vanagon glove box. It is connected to a 500GB hard drive (or more recently a 256GB USB thumb drive). It allows us to load up the drive with movies and stream it to the iPad. Click through for more.


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