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Feb 04, 2019 | Category: @Our Hacks, Interior

We have referred to our streaming setup when we mounted the iPad, but we have never explained exactly what we have going on. We purchased this HooToo Travel Router and mounted it behind the Vanagon glove box. It is connected to a 500GB hard drive (or more recently a 256GB USB thumb drive). It allows us to load up the drive with movies and stream it to the iPad. Click through for more.


Jan 14, 2019 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks

This may be a nice edition to any Westy or VW camper if you can figure out where to store the ladder. The upper bunk ladder makes it easy to get upstairs but where do you store it? Perhaps clamping it to the ceiling above the bed would work.

I just love how people hack up their Vanagons and create custom solutions for their needs. Check out how Titus A Duxass of the Club 80-90 Forums embedded his stove in the rear of his Vanagon. He built a drawer below the bed and his oven pulls out. This is perfect!


This Westy has had its rear cabinets modified. They brought the rear counter height up a bit and extended the rear closet. The two top access doors are now side access doors to a larger closet. You can also see they mounted the table mount to the other side of the bed. Interesting setup.


We have featured the Continuous Camper here before because of his rooftop storage, but check out his custom interior cabinets. Very nice. He says he framed it with scrap wood but it looks great. If you want to see how he did it click through and hit the source link.


Ever want to hold drinks on your Vanagon dashboard? This custom drink holder fits in the ash tray and allows you to keep a couple of cold ones up front. They were recently listed on eBay in The UK for GBP 39 ($50us).


The title says it all on this one. This is the most rustic interiors we’ve seen. It looks like this van should be parked somewhere deep in the country, miles away from a paved road.


This is simply a nice shot of some re-upholstered front Vanagon seats I saw at In addition to the new seats, this van also has new door panels. Very nice.

For those of you who have Weekenders, this is a nice custom cover for the rear heater. If you remove the rear heater, you can put this cover over the empty space. You can choose from black and brown to add a nice touch to the rear seat area. Check it out at uniWerks Design.


Some Vanagon owners have been hacking up their dashboards installing front A/C units. The Samba user nilza took things a step further when he hacked up his dash and included a reverse camera display. I can’t tell what else he has installed, but his fiberglass work looks great! Click through for more pics.


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