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Check out these striped interior Vanagon cabinets. I’m not sure I could live with these as it would play tricks with my eyes, but the installation looks good. They have a nice Vanagon logo on one of the cabinet doors and seat cushions to match. Nice job.


Check out this VW Double Cab pickup with a custom shifter and housing. If you look closely, the housing is held on by a piece of tape but it still looks okay. Also of note is the compartment where the glove box usually goes. I’ve never seen that before so I don’t know if that was an original option or a custom job. It sure looks stock. Click through for a couple more shots.


When you drive a Vanagon, you find all sorts of places for storage. The Samba user, Alaric.H, likes the rear hatch for storage. What a great idea! It could be taken to a new level if someone would create sliding doors to hide the gear.

Some of the most interesting hacks we’ve seen have come from the Shooftie blog and this one is no different. How would you like some 2015 Dodge Caravan seats in your Vanagon? The installation required custom aluminum rails so the stock seat sliders could be used. Very nice. Click through for more.



Vanagon owners love to customize the interior of their ride with little trinkets, or gadgets, but this Vanagon was completely redone with new cabinets. The Samba user, Wolfphotos, says his van was already tricked out when he bought it, but he’s posting pics anyway. The cherry veneer interior looks great, and has a lot of room for storage. We’ve seen so many custom interiors we may have to create a separate category for them on the site.


This 1982 Westy has quite a bit of character. It is listed for sale at $14,900. While that might seem like a lot, Vanagon’s are a pretty hot commodity these days. The interior looks eclectic, but the palm tree carpet caught my eye. How would you like to live in this van full time?


May 21, 2018 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


This hack comes courtesy of user Hingis at The Samba. He replaced the ash tray on his 1989 Vanagon and replaced it with an in-dash GPS unit. Nice job. Now, who wants to see an in-dash iPad mini? Coming soon by VHacks.



Vanagon owners come up with all kinds of hacks and mods to make their vans more usable. This is another hack from Chad of “Living the Van Life.” He has lived in his Vanagon for 3 years and has come up with a few useful improvements that he shares on his YouTube channel. One of the nice hacks Chad implemented is the mounted iPhone above his bed so he can watch videos at night. Click through to see how he did it.


This 1982 VW Vanagon Truck is for sale. It looks a bit run down, but it has a very nice custom cup holder console on the dash. You can’t see it very clearly in this picture, but click through for a better pic.


I wish I could find more information about this custom Vanagon cluster but there doesn’t seem to be any info available online. This owner created his own set of gauges for his van. Awesome!


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