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We received two submissions from Stevan Springer (noganav on The Samba) from his Vanagon. First up is the front table used as a rear cabinet door as shown in the picture above. I’ve seen rear cabinet doors before, but I’ve never seen someone cannibalize their front table to make the mod. I guess if you don’t need your front table you can make it work. The rear cabinet door is quite small and adding a larger door is desirable. Nice job! Click through to see his rear sliding window mod.


I ran across this little beauty on Facebook. These are supposedly white snake skin door panels for a Vanagon, and the rest of the interior has been restored to match. Click through to check it out.


Here is a nice Vanagon flooring job. This user from The Samba decided to rip out the carpet and add two color bamboo flooring to his van. He did a great job. Click through for another pic.



This side Vanagon kitchen setup looks like it fits perfectly behind the passenger’s seat. The sink appears below a flip top and likely has fresh and gray water tanks below. I would love to create this for my weekender!


This silver double cab VW truck has a custom leather interior. Her owner has carefully redone the seats, door panels, and even popped in a leather steering wheel. This truck looks brand new! Click through for another pic.



If you are interested in a new look to your instrument cluster, you can check out this backlit upgrade kit. sells this upgrade kit for about $88 US. The only problem is they are in the UK so you will have to see if they can get it over to you. They’re sold out at the moment, but promise to have more of these in stock soon.


This Vanagon has a cork floor. The owner says he covers it with a heavy floor mat because it gets slippery when wet, and gathers dirt. It does look interesting though if you’re tired of tile and wood. I would definitely place a piece of carpet over it as cork tends to be fragile.



There is a lot to love about this 1987 Syncro, but the interior caught my eye. It include custom leather front seats with desert canvas armrests. The desert flavor is carried throughout the van. Click through to see more.


This Vanagon owner replaced his front seats with reclining seats. I wish I knew what kind of seats these were, but I saw them in passing in an Arizona Vanagon Owners forum. Nice job!



In case you don’t have enough light in your Westy, you can follow a fellow Westy owner’s installation of swivel LED lights on the ceiling. People find all kinds of ways to add lights to their Westys, but this is one of the nicest installations we’ve seen. At $39 these lights look to be a great deal. Click through to see how it’s done.


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