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Check out this custom console for the Vanagon cockpit. It is full of gauges, switches, and lights, and is perfect for the Vanagon enthusiast. Although the picture is cut off, it looks like the console contains a cup holder at the bottom. One of the downsides of this kind of console is it limits the ability to mount the Vanagon from the side door, but it sure looks cool.


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We’ve seen several stretch Vanagons before, but what about a stretch truck? This stretch Doka is a double cab with a long bed and dual axels. Click through to see this thing on the race track.




Many Vanagon owners install fog lights or running lights on their vans. They provide extra light while driving as the stock Vanagon lights are rather wimpy. They also provide a different character to the Vanagon depending on where you mount them. There are many light kits available with several placements to choose from. You can get round or rectangle lights to light up the road in front of you, and the following are only a few examples.


This Syncro looks brand new! Everything on her looks new. There is so much to love about this van it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out those tires and the gorgeous paint job. What about the entire front of the van? She’s ready for a serious expedition.


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I hope I never need one of these but check out this Vanagon Ambulance. Courtesy of BringATrailor, we get to see the inside of this unique vanagon after the jump.


Oct 12, 2021 | Category: Other People's Hacks


Check out this custom dual axle Vanagon Transporter. For more information or to purchase, check out the listing on eBay.



This is a unique, and very interesting, T25 camper that was recently for sale in Manchester, England. Check out the top. The luggage rack is in the rear. This guy has several accessories on this van including a sun visor, some kind of antenna (TV?), awning, mud flaps, and what appears to be steel running rods. If you look closely you can see the door handles are also painted red along with the bumpers. This is a unique camper and someone was lucky to find it. Check out the listing on GumTree.


This Syncro is shown at the Volkswagen Club of Pakistan. Someone named Rehan Bhai apparently owns this VW Syncro T3. It has the most interesting front ornament I’ve ever seen. It appears to be a set of bull horns. You can see a bar bolted into the front of the van which supports the bull horns. It also includes a net of some kind. I have no idea what the net is for, but it’s an interesting ornament for sure.



This stock looking 1981 VW T25 has a custom interior that feels like home. The best part is, the van is apparently for sale. It has a second battery and a new heater as well as a 2014 engine. What I like about is the custom cabinets and the homey feel of the interior. The cushions, carpet, rug, and poster, just give this van a great feel. Check it out, then click through for more pics.



Food Trucks and lunch wagons are hot right now and the Vanagon is not to be left out. The Borco-Höhns Verkaufswagen has not hit the states, but there are several variations overseas. Le Cabu is a mobile cafe in Germany, and I wish he could pull up in my neighborhood.

Le Cabu has a surfboard on top as the signage, and it looks like he has a solar panel above the cab to recharge his batteries. Inside, he has everything you need to run your cafe. More images after the jump.



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