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Nov 01, 2018 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

What would you name this hot pink Vanagon? The owner slapped the name Babe Bus on it but it’s not exactly a bus is it? I guess Babe Vanagon doesn’t have the best ring to it. Check out the blue tinted signal lens that matches the logo perfectly. Nice detail.



Some Vanagon owners have been hacking up their dashboards installing front A/C units. The Samba user nilza took things a step further when he hacked up his dash and included a reverse camera display. I can’t tell what else he has installed, but his fiberglass work looks great! Click through for more pics.


This Gatebil Magazine themed van reminds me of the old yellow cabs in NYC. This one looks a lot better than any yellow taxi I’ve ever seen, but it could be called the Yellow Cab Vanagon. Click through for another pic.


We’ve seen a lot of dropped VW Vanagons, but this may be the lowest drop yet. This thing has hydraulics to drop it so it can likely go back up when it wants to. Check out how low this thing can go. It looks like it’s touching the ground.



This orange crew cab looks so sleek, it’s crazy. I couldn’t figure out why it looked so different but then I realized they completely re-did the body. It looks like a unibody designed truck. No lines, no gaps, just all body. AND, they left off the door handles. Even the bumper looks like part of the body. Of course, they also sport after market wheels, new rear brake lights, and painted front grill. Click through to see several more pics of this beauty.


This otherwise average looking Syncro has a massive bullbar installed on the front bumper. It doesn’t appear like this van is used in the dense forrest, but perhaps they owner just likes the look.



We have seen several Vanagon trailers where the owner cuts off a chunk of the front end and uses the rest of the van as a trailer. What would happen if someone used the entire van as the trailer? Here you have it. This van showed up at several European shows a few years ago. It looks like they have removed the front wheels to use the entire van as the trailer.

This VW Doka double cab reminds me of coffee creamer. Although I’m not fond of the cream color, there is a lot to like about the van. The roof mounted horn, semi-truck side mirrors, and rain guards are just the start. The custom bed cover is very nice and she has a sun roof. Click through for more.


Oct 04, 2018 | Category: Other People's Hacks

This 1984 Doka looks like it’s been neglected, but still looks great. After 100,000 miles She just needs a little TLC. She has been lowered and has new seats and custom goodies on the inside so have a look.


We’ve seen Vanagon ambulances before. This one comes from Brussels Belgium. It is a fully loaded ambulance that has an original odometer reading of just 54.340 Km. Click through to see the interior.


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