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If you want to give your rear bed an interesting cover check out Wet Okole. Their covers are solid and provide interest to your interior. They also make very popular seat covers!

This 1989 Volkswagen high top Autohomes Komet camper was recently for sale on eBay UK. The page has been deleted so we don’t have a ton of information but she’s a beauty. Check out the massive bullbar on the front of this thing. The interior looks clean with matching drapes and the paint job looks fresh. All she needs now is a light bar up top and some semi truck side view mirrors!

Jun 07, 2021 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

This 1989 VW T25 camper, named Daisy, has been completely redone and it looks amazing. She has a bit of a crazy paint job, but the interior looks incredible. Click through to see more and be sure to visit Bridge Classic Cars for even more details.


Jun 03, 2021 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


We have seen so many different flooring options for the Vanagon including tile, wood, carpet, rubber, and more. This is the first time I’ve seen an area rug covering the entire back area. Unfortunately, the original owner of this van no longer has their website up so we can’t see more pics. If you look closely they have some kind of large center console going on and the standard fire extinguisher placement.




Many Vanagon owners install roof racks on their ride to help carry extra equipment. Some owners go for the simple approach, while others go for large baskets and boxes. Pictured here is a large ARB rack with high jack attached. What is your roof rack choice? Click through for several examples.



The Pinzgauer is a high-mobility all-terrain military vehicle that comes in 4WD and 6WD flavors. These vehicles are for people with extreme adventure needs. The Pinzgauer is not a camper, but some people have decided to “camperize” their Pinzgauer. This guy figured out a way to fuse his Vanagon onto his Pinz. Not bad! Click through to see another pop-top Pinzgauer.


This 1991 double cab Syncro is currently for sale on Gumtree. She looks to be fully restored with new paint and interior carpet. She features an upstairs tent and rear canopy over the truck bed.


This 1990 Vanagon Turbo Diesel is currently for sale for $21,000. It looks like a pretty nice van, but a look inside reveals serious thought in the dash board. If you look closely at these pictures, someone has fabricated a new cluster hood by combining 2 existing hoods so they could move the stereo. In place of the existing stereo they installed some rocker switches. Very slick!


Apr 19, 2021 | Category: Other People's Hacks

The title says it all on this one. This German pop top is completely checkered throughout. The paint, floor, upholstery and drapes sport the same design.


I don’t know why I like this van, but I do. The gold paint job stands out because there are no rear windows. I also like the wheels on this van. They look like they should be on a 1980’s Chevy van instead of a Vanagon, but somehow it works. This early 1980’s Vanagon is clean and ready to go. I call her, Goldie.

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