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The Caffeine Machine is another Vanagon food truck. This time the Vanagon has been converted into a mobile coffee shop. She is currently for sale on eBay for $15,000.




There is a lot to love about this Syncro with a Subby conversion. A brand new paint job, lots of extra lights, and a Subaru engine make this Synchro a keeper. What caught my eye however, was the black wheels with matching paint on the inside. Nice attention to detail!


Jan 13, 2020 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks

It takes a diehard Vanagon geek to make a Vanagon part of a wedding. That’s exactly what The Samba user, surfinwesty, did. He posted pictures of his wedding and said, “got hitched with my beautiful bride and our favorite Vanagon westy!” He’s definitely in love with his bride and his Vanagon.


There is a lot to love about this 1987 Syncro, but the interior caught my eye. It include custom leather front seats with desert canvas armrests. The desert flavor is carried throughout the van. Click through to see more.


Anyone who was a fan of the original Magnum P.I. will remember the Island Hoppers Vanagon. Here is an Island Hoppers pillow for sale from They also have T-shirts and coffee mugs if you’re a diehard fan.

This Vanagon ambulance likely comes from Europe but it has California plates. It appears to be part of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America’s California Chapter although I found it on Flickr. The interior is tight, but it works. Click through to see the interior pic.



This is just a guess, but whoever built this van is going for a classic 50s car theme. The chrome wheels and bumpers with white walls just look like the 50s to me. I can see this van pulling up to a diner with checkered tiles. This Vanagon has small side view mirrors and a nice cream eyebrow. Click through for more.


Dec 24, 2019 | Category: Aesthetic, Other People's Hacks


It’s Christmas and here is another Vanagon Christmas Ornament. Merry Christmas to all Vanagon enthusiasts. Here’s to a Happy Holiday Season!


Dec 19, 2019 | Category: Conversion, Other People's Hacks

This Vanagon Trakka comes out of Australia. The custom conversion has lots of extras as you can see. It doesn’t have the standard Westy pop top, but a full pop top with a lower profile. It also comes with a serious bull bar on the front bumper and some sort of basket-like windshield protection.



What happens when you turn a Vanagon into a boat? You get an amphibious Vanagon. This thing travels on land and at sea. If you are like me, you are probably fairly skeptical about this vehicle. Click through to see a video of this thing in action.


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