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Jun 22, 2022 | Category: Interior, Other People's Hacks


This otherwise normal looking 1991 Vanagon has rear bucket seats. And they are very nice! It also sports front bucket seats and a pretty nice roof rack, but the rest of the van looks pretty normal. Click through for more of the interior.


I’m not sure what exactly is going on with this Vanagon but it appears to be a mid 1980’s high top with an extra section up front for a bed. It looks a little odd because the added section is so much wider than the rest of the van. The owner also seems to have painted the wheels the same color as the van. Interesting choice!


There is a lot to love about this orange and black Westy Syncro. In terms of the color, I love the way they blacked out the area around the windows. It matches the wheels and front grill and provides a nice contrast to the orange exterior of the van. This van looks ready for off road exploration with all the front grill protection and bull bar. The oversize tires complete the van.


This Gatebil Magazine themed van reminds me of the old yellow cabs in NYC. This one looks a lot better than any yellow taxi I’ve ever seen, but it could be called the Yellow Cab Vanagon. Click through for another pic.




This Vanagon is awesome. The paint job, the wheels, the dropped look. It’s all just plain awesome! The gold headlights? Not so much, but the rest of it is awesomeness! I found this on the OhSoRetro Instagram account. Go check them out.


Vanagon owners are famous for wanting more gauges and switches in the cockpit of their Vanagon. We have covered several different ways to add gauges to the Vanagon dashboard, but if you’re looking for something over the top this is it. Whoever created this cockpit is leaving nothing behind. He is obviously a fan of gauges and switches, not to mention CB radios and police scanners. He also installed a wood steering wheel to boot!



I love Vanagons who have the customized grill “eyelid.” I don’t know what the official name of it is, but I call it the eyelid. Usually, people paint them the same color as the van. This guy decided to go the stainless route and it looks great. I believe these eyelids were popular in Europe, but never made it to the US. I’ve tried to buy one in the past, but I haven’t been able to locate a source.

UPDATE: This piece is apparently called an “eyebrow.”



Don’t you just love the side window hack? We have seen this hack before, but this is the largest window I have seen so far. Click through to see this syncro in action.


Every once in awhile we run across a serious expedition vehicle. This Syncro definitely falls into that category. She isn’t polished and clean, but just look at her. She’s ready for a serious expedition. I think she even has a toilet. Click through for more pics.


Feb 08, 2022 | Category: Conversion, Other People's Hacks


Vanagons are known as good camping vehicles for those who want something small. But what about a RV? There are Vanagon RV’s floating around out there, but here is one with a complete interior and exterior view. This RV is small, but does provide a more complete experience over the standard Vanagon. Check it out!


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