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This Syncro panel van looks plain, but has a lot going on. For starters, it has a lift kit installed and it looks great. The 16″ wheels and tires give it a solid ride. The owner says no expense has been spared and this one looks to be a full restore. I like the South African grill and the rear tire mount with extra fuel. Click through for more.

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This is a nice homemade Vanagon center console with cup holders and storage. If you want the job done right do it yourself. You can see how this Vanagon owner planned out the build and made it happen by visiting Vanagon Geek.


This 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon looks brand new! The body and paint look great, and the Porsche wheels are a nice addition. The owner says the car has been lowered on H&R springs with Koni 5-way adjustable Shocks, and Adeco Sway bars in the front and rear. It has many more options beyond the obvious that you can read about here. What a nice restoration!

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What if you could get your sliding windows to open further back in the vanagon? This hack comes courtesy of The Samba user mzalac from Waikiki who reversed his sliding windows. There isn’t much to say about this hack other than, awesome!


If you’re looking for privacy while camping, check out this custom front screen wrap. GoWesty sells something similar, but these custom covers come from the UK. The best part is, they are black! You can find them at While you are there, check out the van they use to show off the wrap. Those wheels just complete the package.

This van looks fairly stock except for the nice Porsche wheels, but it hides a very nice camper interior. She has what appears to be a cooktop / sink combo on top of a small cabinet. Of course it also features a pull out bed and swiveling Ricaro seats. Check it out.

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How’s this for a gorgeous VW Doka T3 camper? The camper says “Road Ranger” on it, but it looks homemade. This camper is very well put together and has a unique look. Everything matches, and the whitewall tires on the classic wheels add a lot to its beauty. I like the semi-truck side view mirrors too!

The camper has a lot of windows and a roof rack for luggage. Great job!

This Vanagon owner did some work on his cluster. He added trim rings to the speedometer and tach and added blue LED backlighting. What a nice upgrade to the dash! Click through for a demo video of his installation.

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This modified 1989 VW T3 Doka Syncro sold in November 2017 for $53,000! Man oh man, it doesn’t get much better than this. Its new owner must be one happy camper. Everything about this truck looks first rate from the paint to the undercarriage. The interior has been completely redone, and if you like toggle switches this is the truck for you. Click through to see a video of this thing in action.

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Check out this awesome rear bumper from Rocky Mountain Westy. The Twin Peaks Bumper comes with an integrated step and 2″ receiver hitch. The bumper is made of heavy duty 12-gauge plate that is hand welded. It is powder coated for a long lasting finish. Check it out at Rocky Mountain Westy.

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