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This custom Doka Syncro looks like the perfect truck for all of your outdoor adventures. Someone has taken special care of this beauty with the custom bed gates. The picture comes via The Samba member, Draper. The shot was taken at the base of Mount Fromme in North Vancouver, B.C.



We all know Vanagons are used for a multitude of things. There are so many Vanagon mods out there it never ceases to amaze me. Can you tell what this stick controls? Click through to find out.


Jan 24, 2023 | Category: Other People's Hacks


Check out this white Vanagon. Can you say white out? I love the eyelid over the front grill. We’ve seen several European Vanagons with this eyelid but it hasn’t made it to the states yet. The clear turn signal also adds to the clean look of this van.



This is just a guess, but whoever built this van is going for a classic 50s car theme. The chrome wheels and bumpers with white walls just look like the 50s to me. I can see this van pulling up to a diner with checkered tiles. This Vanagon has small side view mirrors and a nice cream eyebrow. Click through for more.



We have seen several A-Team themed Vanagons. This one is simply the low budget version. It would help if the had different wheels, but when you’re building something on a budget you have to just make do with what you have. Click through for one more pic.


Vanagon Screens

If you own a hard top you already know how difficult it is to get good screens to fit your van. Most people have to use velcro or magnets to get screens around the sliding windows. This guy named Glenn has a new take on screens and they look solid.



Vanagon door panels are famous for hot holding up over time. They take a beating, and they also warp quite easily. One Vanagon owner restored his door panels himself. He took the panels off and stripped them down to the masonite. He then traced them onto sheets of 1/8? luan plywood. He wrapped the panels with 1/16th foam and a light cream colored vinyl. Click through to see more.



This 1991 TDI conversion looks great. It has a long list of upgrades including adjusted gearbox, lowered suspension, RVS exhaust, and more. Details like the chrome above the wheels, South African grill, truck side mirrors, and covered side windows make this a beauty. This one was for sale recently. Click through for a more complete list of its features and upgrades.



This gorgeous 1989 VW T25 4 berth camper van was recently for sale. Rebuilt in 2011, this van has a 1.9 Diesel engine, and a restored interior. The only thing she is missing is custom wheels. I love the single color on this van. You will have to go to Northern Ireland to have a look at this one, but it’s worth it. Click through to see the interior.


This 1982 VW Vanagon Truck is for sale. It looks a bit run down, but it has a very nice custom cup holder console on the dash. You can’t see it very clearly in this picture, but click through for a better pic.


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