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This 1989 Ragtop Syncro is awesome! Everything about it screams details. Check out the blacked out wheels, or the black ragtop. And have a look at the bed. This thing is perfect!


This 1987 Vanagon turned truck is currently listed for sale on Craigslist. It is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and it looks like crazy conversion. Someone took a Wolfsburg Edition with reverse seats and chopped it up into a truck. Anyone with a Wolfburg or Carat will recognize what is going on despite the poor angle of the pictures. Click through for more.



If you would like to find a new use for those Vanagon jump seats, check out Rocky Mountain Westy’s jump seat adapter. The kit turns your Vanagon Wolfsburg, Weekender, or Carat’s jump seats into a usable chair outside the van for camping, fishing, soccer games, etc. These Vanagon reverse seats were useless once you removed them from the van, until now.

Rocky Mountain Westy sells their kit for $149.95, and that’s a pretty good deal. Check out the source link below to order yours now.


It looks like someone started an ambitious Vanagon conversion, but gave up. This van was apparently listed as abandoned. Perhaps whoever started this conversion got in over his head.


User AndyBees at the TDI Club forums posted this picture of a new cluster. Awesome!

[ Source ]

This mid-1980s Doka has a customer camper on the back. It looks like she has some upper windows on the driver’s side and what looks like an awning on the passenger’s side. It also sports roof racks and semi truck mirrors. All she needs now is some new wheels to complete the package.

This Vanagon has rear cabinets on both sides of the bed with an overhead storage above. It looks a bit dated, but what Vanagon isn’t dated these days. If you click through you can see additional overhead storage above the rear bed.



Like most Vanagon owners I had wind noise coming from my wing window (the triangle window on the front door). I inspected the window seal and it looked like it was perfectly sealed against the window, yet I still got wind noise at speeds over 40 MPH. I thought perhaps the noise was coming from the door seals so I placed some weather stripping around the door jam, but I still got the wind noise. Click through to see how I solved it once and for all.


This double cab Doka truck looks incredibly well kept. It includes a rear camper top with a King sized bed for those camping trips. It doesn’t get much better than this!


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I wonder what this thing is called? Vanabus or Busagon?


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