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Chad from Living the Van Life is back and he’s showing off some extreme winter camping skills. Click through to see a video of Chad camping in blizzard conditions. You won’t be disappointed.

Van life seems to be a thing these days as there are endless numbers of people living in vans and posting their adventures on social media. High roof Sprinters and ProMaster vans seem to be a popular choice and national parks seem to be the preferred destinations. Many of the videos seem oddly similar and the reasons people give for living in their vans seem esoteric. The benefits of “freedom” and “minimalism” are usually used to justify van life and everyone wants to show us how they make coffee in the morning and work remotely. Okay, we get it. Coffee makers work in vans and laptops and wifi have been available for about two decades.

As an early adopter of van life, Chad moved into his van in 2011 for a specific reason — to save money and pursue a career as a filmmaker. Kudos for him for making the sacrifice to chase his dream. Anyone who has made sacrifices to chase a dream will tell you it’s so much sweeter when you reach your goal because of the sacrifices you made. If someone else does it for you or you get there with dumb luck, it’s just not the same.

Chad doesn’t portray a glamorous view of van life but is more realistic in his content. His van was rough around the edges at the beginning, but he made changes over time. How Chad hacks up his van is interesting and there is a lot to learn from his experience, but what should be admired most about Chad’s story is WHY he lives in his van, not how he lives in it.

A few years ago Chad moved out of the van and stopped posting videos regularly. He was working on his film project and traveling the world shooting video. A few months ago he returned to the states and moved back into his Vanagon. Chad is now working hard to grow his YouTube channel and the number of subscribers is climbing steadily. In addition to the day to day grind of a filmmaker, Chad likes adventure. As you can tell by the video above, this guy is crazy!

You can see more of Chad’s adventures by subscribing to the Living The Van Life YouTube Channel. Sharing and subscribing to his videos will help him monetize his channel and make you a small part of his journey to success. He has several van tour and how to videos as well as other content you will enjoy.

If you start with his earliest videos and work your way forward you can see many of the hacks and improvements he has made to his van. We previously featured his mini entertainment system and his Big Buddy Heater setup but there are many more.

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